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Target Haul for Spring

I'm a fairly optimistic person. But this past year has really stretched that Silver-Lining-Just-Around-the-Corner-Any-Day-Now-Things-Will-Start-to-Look-Up-Lemonade streak - "Maybe...maybe the glass really is only half empty." But a hundred million folks in this country have been vaccinated, and my own state is opening the vaccine registration to everyone on Monday (Houston folks, register here)!

And I'm feeling my perky optimism bobbing once again to the surface. So, let's celebrate this Spring, this time of rebirth and renewal, with a little splurge. And where better to find a little, affordable sprlurge than Target?!?

Up first, this cute, perfect for Spring, Still Great for Summer Ruffled Top:

Nothing chirps Spring like blue and white stripes. Seer Sucker is the traditional fabric, but I also really like this smooth cotton top with the double ruffles on the sleeves. Now you may be thinking, "Mmm, blue and white stripes are for young, Southern males," (and you may be right, but that's a debate for another blog post), so Target has 5 other fabrics for this top - solids, pink stripes and gingham! And, it's only $20! Small Splurge! Check out this cute top here!

Next, I found this darling and comfortable Polka Dot Puff in Tangerine:

Have I mentioned that my new signature colors are Tangerine and Bloom? I know, you have to be of a certain age, which used to be quite young, to know about Blush and Bashful. I feel like this reference is a real Signifier of my generation, and I'm okay with that.

This top has all the cute froofy froofs, but the sleeves are short enough that they won't get in the way. Some of these new bell sleeved tops are so pretty, but I cannot function in them! Fingerpaint hazards loom large at my workplace, and that may not be a problem for you, but I can say with certainty that these sleeves will serve you well and not cause you grief, no matter where you spend your days.

Also, it's so cute!

The colors are yummy! Tho, if it's just too Dreamcicle for you, it also comes in black with yellow daisies, and that's pretty fine, too. Here's something else to consider and like about this top - see that high neckline? Think about how the sun will not be shining on your exposed and no doubt previously abused decolletage. 10 years ago, I, and the rest of the Steel Magnolias were not thinking much about our necks, but these past few years I've been waking up, looking in the bathroom mirror, and wondering just what the heck danced with a chicken across my chest last night. Now, I'm all about my neck and chest area, smothering them in various lotions and serums and scrubs. But what will help the most is blocking the sun, and this top will do it! Order today, and it's on sale for $23.99.

And if you are completely in love with this popsicle dreaminess, than does Target have a treat for you! It comes in a dress, too! Check that out here!

And, as an added bonus, that Summer Tangerine color will transition well into Harvest Orange, because I suspect that I will be wearing this top through Summer and most certainly bumping into Fall.

And here's the last of my Target haul:

Last year, I bought this pretty dress in white. And, I liked it so much that this year, I purchased it in this Strawberry Red. It is also on sale for $23.99. And it still comes in white. So, choices, but not so many that you feel overwhelmed. This dress pairs with dressy sandals or flip flops. You can add a denium jacket for the cold indoors, or it's just right for outdoors. By the way, those blackberry bushes behind me are possibly the one plants in my backyard to survive The Freeze. Apparently blackberries are just a really hardy weeds.

Okay, Springtime, Times are Looking Up! I hope you can treat yourself to a little Target splurge!



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