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Best Drugstore Beauty Buys

You don’t have to spend a million buck to look like…. Well, you get the drift.

What with a year in quarantine and working from home, I’ll be honest, my personal grooming habits have slipped a bit. Or rather, the importance of things has definitely been re-arranged. At this point, I don’t know that I can ever go back to the fevered days of daily maintenance for EVERY. SINGLE. PART. OF. MY. BODY.

Because perhaps that was never sane? Isn’t it okay to skip the shower once in a while? Can’t we be just a bit more European about all this? I think so. However, with the freedom of knowing that your co-workers can’t smell you, and no one knows if you’re wearing real pants, comes another side of this bittersweet coin – ZOOM.

Not only can everyone see you (they could always see you) you have to see Yourself. Eeek. I can definitely say that during Quar I have spent way less money on clothes and, obviously, on going out, since I’m not going anywhere. But my face has seen a definitive uptick in investment, let me tell you. And that can get expensive. But it doesn’t have to! So here are my recent fave finds, that you can procure at your local neighborhood drugstore.

I’ve tried a lot of concealers, (yes, even that one Instagram won’t stop showing you), and this is my favorite. Although I was hesitant about a stick concealer, this one offers light coverage, doesn’t settle into creases, and is very blendable.

I have the driest lips, and they’re not getting – uh – juicier with age. I love this sugar-based lip scrub, which then becomes a balm (just lick off the sugar after you’re done scrubbing), and voila – the perfect, moisturized base for your lip color.

I have super-skinny, skint little eyebrows. They are also a weird indeterminate color that is… brown? Ish? I don’t know, it’s like God said “she’s an actress, make them versatile”. But one thing they are most definitely not is thick and bushy, a la current trends. I love this pencil because it comes in an actual good range of colors, the tip is really fine so you fill in your brows with tiny, realistic strokes, and it comes with its own spoolie brush. All for just 2 bucks.

So, my eyebrows (thin as they are) also like to point down, or sidewise, or – anywhere I don’t want them to. Perhaps you share this struggle? This brow gel keeps them in place all day.

Believe me when I tell you I’ve tried them ALL – the expensive ones, the ones that win awards, the ones all over your social feeds that attach weird extra fibers to your lashes. (Do they work? Yes. Do you look bizarre? Sadly, honey, also yes.) In my opinion, Maybelline’s mascaras are simply the best. My go-to mascara is Maybelline’s The Falsies. But I am also a person who wears sunscreen every day, and I don’t always have time to wait for it to dry, which can really mess with my situation. So, on days when I’m in a rush – I grab this sweet little beauty. It will adhere to your moisturized lashes, and it will also give you a nice little lift and lots of length.

This is the blush I used in college, I swear. It’s been around forever, and for good reason. I honestly don’t know why I stopped using it. Save your pennies, folks, because if it ain’t broke, there’s no reason to spend $35 at Sephora when the perfect blush may be waiting for you at Walgreen’s for less than $5. You’re welcome!


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