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Cucumber Martini: the Perfect Spring Cocktail

My mom took me to Charleston a few weeks ago, a little Mother Daughter & Best Friend Weekend. Charleston is all right; I mean, if you are into food and shopping. Seriously, Charleston is pretty fine. The food is fantastic, from the homemade biscuits sold at the Market stalls to the fanch-schmancy restaurants that line the downtown. My mom was especially excited to take me to the 225 Grill, which among other things, is known for their Nitrotinis. I should be up front and tell you that I just-passed Chemistry with a lot of hard work that did not result in much, a pleasant attitude, and exceptionally good behavior. Still, I was surprised to find out that Nitrotini actually refers to Nitrogen that is actually added to one's martini. The bartenders have to get special training, and the drinks come with a warning label to not imbibe immediately. All this so that no one wanders away thinking, "I can't wait to try this at home."

But my main point here is the Cucumber Martini. It is the perfect Spring Cocktail.

I did some tinkering when I got home, sans Nitrogen - again, I barely passed high school Chemistry, so I'm certainly not trusting myself with dangerous chemicals in my own home, I don't care what the Phoenix thinks I can do!

And I've come up with the Perfect Spring Cocktail, the Cucumber Martini!

You will need:

2 oz Gin (you can use Vodka, but are you sure? Vodka really has no taste at all)

1/2 oz Saint Germain (my British friend, Josie, exclaimed, "Ooh, Sahn-jer-mahn!", and that is, in fact, the way to pronounce, this, my most favorite of spirits

1/2 oz simple syrup - this is optional. I like my cocktails sweet, so I add it

juice of 1 lime

3 inches of sliced cucumber. Some recipes have you seed the cucumber first. I say, No, bring on the seeds! They add a nice texture to the drink, and they look pretty

2 torn basil leaves


Muddle the cukes and basil leaves in a cocktail shaker. Add the liquors and lime juice. Fill up the shaker with ice, and then shake like there's no tomorrow.

I like to store my glasses in the freezer so they are extra, extra, ultra cold.

Here's another option that extends the cocktail: I add some Lime flavored Topo Chico over the top of the martini, so now I'm not wiped out with one drink, and the bubbly water does add some crisp refreshment on a hot day.

Happy Spring - Cheers!



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