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I'm talkin' about stockins

A new find, Gentle Readers, a new find!

I went to visit my folks a few weeks ago, and my mom had a gift for me: a pair of tights from a company that is new to me called Hipstiks. Now you should probably know that my mom is all about the hosiery. Sex and the City had no effect on her footwear whatsoever. My mother would no more leave the house without stockings on than she would leave without lipstick and earrings. I, on the other hand, teach preschool. So, I own hosiery, but we are more like passing acquaintances. But my mom bought me a pair of tights. And I do have to say: I do enjoy tights.

Except for when they are uncomfortable. Like, when the waist goes all the way up to my bra. Or, when the waist barely goes up at all because apparently my athetic thighs took up all the hosey material.

"These are the most comfortable stockings," my mom told me encouragingly. "I think you will like them."

So, I gave these tights a whirl:

And I have to tell you: they are truly and amazingly comfortable. And for a variety of reasons:

#1 Hipstiks has this wide, lacy band around the waist that fits around the waist. I know, so crazy! There is also this thin, rubbery strip inside the waist band, so no slippage. Have you ever been sitting in church, and you're trying to let the Word of the Lord speak to you, but all you can think about is that your tights are ever so steadily rolling down? And then your thoughts quite naturally meander to the idea that soon you will be standing to sing that last hymn, but will you be able to stand? Or will you cower in the pew, as though you are just too overcome? This, friends, is a major selling point for me. I would like to stand for that last hymn without fear and trembling!

#2 Hipstiks measures size in a bunch of different ways. "What's that?" you say, "Not all women who are 5'6 and weigh 150 lbs measure the same???" Laurie McGuire should have called her company Maverick. Okay, so one measurement tool is height. Another is body shape. As a pround member of the Pear Nation, I'm pleased to see that my hips are given their due consideration. Finally, Hipstik lists pants sizes. All this, so you can get an accurate idea of what size tights to buy.

#3 Why do hosiery companies assume I want control top? Maybe I've come to terms with the belly that has carried 2 children, and, frankly, at age 47, is part of the family. Maybe I don't want to feel squashed. Maybe I know that that extra belly is not really going anywhere; control top just sends it up, but, unfortunately, does not make it all the way to my breasts, so now I've got this flat stomach thing going, but don't look any higher...

#4 Hipstiks is a domestic small business, and the hosiery products are made by women here in America. I will tell you that they do cost a little more than you will pay at a big chain/grocery store. But the quality is real. And, AND, Laurie is giving BustleandVim readers an extra discount; use promo code BV15 when you order and receive 15% off your entire purchase when you shop at Hipstiks.

I hope you enjoy!


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