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An Early Peek at Spring Fashion

So, the weather is crazy in Houston, Texas. Let me just start with that. This past week has been a little foretaste of Summer Divine-ish. And apparently Target gets it, because when I hustled into the mega mart this past week to procure a new mouth guard (Oh, Old Age, why must you come with Nightly Jaw Clenching? It's vexing), I stopped to check out this cute, new blouse:

Yes, Gentle Readers, I am succumbing to the Ruffles. And the Puffed Sleeves. It's a like a Homecoming Dance with my high school Freshman Self. And, why yes, it does look remarkably like acid washed denim. Somehow, it's all adorable. Cute as a button, even.

I'm adding a link for a shirt that looks a lot like this one here. Why? Because I can't find this exact top on the Target website, which is puzzling because my Target is full of these. Also, in black! I know! Acid washed black denim!!! Although, I should mention the actual fabric is not denim, but this super soft cotton that is cool and smoth.

If you're thinking that you just can't with the acid wash, do not fret, not even for a moment. This puffed, prairie look threatens to engulf the Women's department entirely. Whatever your thing is, wheather it be plaid or floral, it's ruffled and puffled and waiting for you on a hangar.

My husband tells me that the hibiscus plant behind me is going to die this weekend in the freeze that is looming towards us. But I'm sure humidity is hot on its tail, and you'll be ready for it with this Cute Top!

Also, I want to point out this new necklace, Splice, from the Noonday Collection. This brass necklace is made in Kenya, where amazing change and growth is happening for these jewelry making artisans.

And the earrings were purchased locally at the Cute Bellaire Boutique Magpies. This store ranks pretty high on the Darling scale, and the women who work here are the nicest, most friendly people you will meet this month. These earrings are made by Waxing Poetic, for when you really want to treat yourself. And I did.

Whatever the weather, I hope this finds you well.


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