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A little fashion for the Holidays

Happy Advent, Gentle Readers. I hope you've had a lovely Thanksgiving, and are looking forward to Christmas.

When I was in college, I used to pick an outfit for Finals week. I know, that sounds kind of gross, but in the moment I thought I would save time if I chose something really comfy that could go from morning, through the day, and possibly into the night. All who inhabit space around me will be pleased to know that I've stopped that sort of sartorial nonsense.

And yet, I still look at sequined tops or velvet pants and think, "That would be perfect for the Holidays." Like, every event that comes up, I will wear this New Holiday Outfit. Of course, this year everything will be different. I'm not hosting a big Advent party this year, and I'm fairly certain I will not be attending many fetes either.

So, what if I told you that I have found the perfect Staying at Home for the Holidays outfit? Okay, yeah, it doesn't sound all that exciting when I say it like that, but, truly, this is a fantastic find:

Y'all, I found these Palazzo/Wide Swinging sweat pants at Old Navy. These pants have everything! They are elastic waist. I know sometimes pull-on pants can work against you, but you know what? There's a damn global pandemic going on still, and no one cares if you eat an extra cookie, so let's just agree right now that Corona Christmas 2020 will, at the very least, be a comfortable one. Next year, we'll talk about velvet jeans or some such, but not this year, baby, NOT THIS YEAR.

Also, these pants have pockets. If we're going to be wearining them all the time and everywhere, pockets are helpful.

Finally, the wide swing lets me wear these to work. My boss says that if you can wear the clothes from the class room directly to the garden or the gym, maybe don't wear them. Well, I can't work out or garden in such swingy pant legs, so I say they are great for the work place. And with ballet or other cute flats, really, it works. Plus, PLUS, they are 50% off right now! I'm telling you, it's a sign!

Next, let's talk about this top:

This flowy, velvet number came from the Loft. It comes in this wintry green, black and a fun red color. And it is also 50% off! Do I find the deals or what? All for you, Gentle Reader, all for you.

I got these completely fantastic earrings at J.Crew, and, guess what? Yes! 50% off! Now, I will say that I bought these a month ago, but here are some super similar. Also, I don't know about you, but I find myself clutching my pearls quite a bit these days, so check out this great pearl necklace, also at J.Crew. And it is on Ridiculous Sale (68% off!).

I'll be back later this week with some delightful cranberry recipes. But for now, get yourselves a comfy pair of these holiday pants!

Much love,



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