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Eureka! Peach Soup

Today is the day! I have finally crafted the perfect Chilled Peach Soup!

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Per our non-legally binding agreement (Parties: and The Gentle Readership), the recipe comes first. And then I hope you will read all about my feelings whilst making it.

Chilled Peach Soup

4 peaches - they should smell good, but still be sort of firm

1 lemon - you will need the juice and the zest. You can also use a lime, if you prefer

1 containter of plain yogurt - I use the 5 oz. container of Fage

2 Tbl butter

1/4 tsp salt

a dash of cinnamon - just a dash, mind you, we're not paking peach pie soup

1 cup of mango or peach nectar - I like La Tienda best because it doesn't have corn syrup

Peel and slice all 4 peaches, but hold one back.

In a saucepan, melt the butter and add the slices of 3 of the peaches. Add the dash of cinnamon and the salt and cook for about 5-7 mintues.

In a food processor, add the yogurt, the lemon zest and the mango/peach nectar. Add the cooked peaches and all the accumulated peach mush from the saucepan.


Add the fresh peach slices and the lemon juice. Pulse till you get a consistency you like.

Chill for 2 hours

And now for my feelings:

As I've mentioned previously, everyone in my family has some sort of culinary Covid project going: Husband is baking bread like a mad man and has even named his sourdough starter. Older Son was working on fresh mozzarella, but then switched to Tacos Al Pastor because he misses going to Tacos-A-

Go-Go with the Youth Group for Tuesday Tacos and Theology. Younger has been busy with homemade marshmallows, but is switching over to scones this week!

And then there's me; apparently I'm on some sort of Chilled Soup Quest, or as Younger calls it, Fruit Soup Riot!

This soup is pretty adaptable to your taste, so I'm going to describe its various incarnations, and you can choose how you like to make it!

Okay, the first time I made this, I cooked ALL the peaches, blended it with the yogurt and the lime juice. And it was tasty. But like the best peach yogurt ever. Younger and I agreed that we wanted a more mouthy feel, like, more texture.

So, I decided to not cook the peaches the next time and just put 4 raw peaches into the food processor. Do you know what happens when you cook peaches? CARMELIZATION! Now I had this really fresh, I mean, uber fresh peach smoothie. And while peaches are sweet, I didn't realize what a difference cooking them made. However, I should note that the texture I was wanting was present in spades!

And then the Cocktail Fairy* came by with an Espresso Martini, so I could sip while I ponder. Gentle Readers, if ever you are pondering, might I suggest adding an Espresso Martini? It really makes the thinking process all the more delightful.

And then, this afternoon, SUCCESS!

I cooked some peaches, but not all, thus satisfying all mouth requirements for sweetness and texture.

Now, a few Notes:

If you love a really silky, smooth texture, then saute all the peaches. If you like a really chunky soup, pulse the food processor just a couple of times, checking in between.

I really like lime flavor, but Younger was certain that lemon would work better with peaches. It is delicious. But so was the lime. If you're not thrilled with either flavor, just do the juice and leave out the zest. To me, the zest balances the sweetness just right. But for sure, add the juice; I think it's needed for brightness and to keep it from being fancy yogurt.

Younger also insisted on the dash of cinnamon and would probably add more. To me, cinnamon is a fall/winter flavor, but the dash did give the peaches a nice flavor boost.

Peaches are at their most glorious right now, so if you're peach soup-curious, this is the time to try this recipe!



*Thank you, Jennifer, friend and reader!


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