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Jus' Mac Restaurant Review

Happy Spring Break, everyone! I swear, this is the fastest week in all the year. It has been a positive blur, and I've not even had enough naps.

Before the week even got started my boys came to me with their Spring Break Bucket Lists. "I want to eat at Biskit Junkie," said Older; "I want to eat at Jus' Mac," requested Younger. Of course, that was back when Spring Break stretched out like an endless beach towel. By Thursday of this week I realized it was time to get crackin'.

How crazy is it that Jus' Mac has swallowed Biskit Junkie? The one restaurant is now housed in the other. "How oddly convenient," I mused. My error to realize Thursday morning in the parking lot that the Biskit Junkie is now only open on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday mornings.

"Ok, boys, here's what we'll do..."

Friday afternoon:

And this is how I ended up at Jus' Mac, ordering 2 dishes of macaroni and cheese AND 2 biscuits.

Older choose the Pit Master Mac n Cheese - delicious chunks of brisket mixed throughout the divine mac and cheese, topped with a tangy BBQ sauce. I'm thankful there was no mama-slapping because it was a distinct possibility. Younger chose Chili Mac - who knew that Fritos could only enhance the wonder that is Jus' Mac and Cheese? The diners next to us were falling down in their booth. "It's our first visit," the guy said. "Indeed," I answered, helping the woman out of my lap. No judgement - if you have never visited the wonder that is this macaroni and cheese emporium, oh, but you must!

Next up: the biscuits.

To say we are a biscuit family is an understatement. The story is that my husband's great-grandmother made the best Southern-style biscuits, but, of course, there was no recipe. She just added ingredients till it looked right. This launched my husband on some mad Biscuit Quest in his mid-20's that made my mother in law note: "Let's not use the word 'obsessed;' let's just say you're 'focused.' "

When our home flooded in Harvey, my husband woke me up two different mornings by saying, "I made biscuits." This from a man who has not eaten a carb in a couple of years. When the going gets tough, the tough make biscuits.

What I'm saying is that my boys' inclination toward biscuit themed meals is encoded deeply into their DNAs.

Younger ordered a biscuit called The Hungry Man - it is a piece of fried chicken, topped with bacon, covered in the most delightful gravy, sandwiched between a righteously delicious biscuit. For all of his new found love of cooking, Younger is not sure of gravy and had requested the gravy to be on the side. The instructions were lost in translation or something because it came out covered in gravy. "Just try it," I prodded. My philosophy is Open Mind, Open Mouth (yes, this is said for every Brussel Sprouts recipe). And now we have a gravy lover.

Older ordered the Daddy Warbucks - OMG - the glory of this biscuit masterpiece! It the same fried piece of chicken, same wondrous gravy, topped with shoestring onion rings and strawberry preserves. I'm telling you, the strawberry is what makes this biscuit sing. Or, maybe that was us?

I asked the waiter about bringing back the Elvis Biscuit - y'all, fried chicken, peanut butter, bacon and strawberry jam, all smooshed between this lovely, fluffy biscuit. As full as I am right now, and I can't see myself eating again till my husband makes brisket tomorrow, my mouth waters just thinking about it. The waiter looked kind of tired, "Ma'am, we just brought in Biskit Junkie a month ago, so we're still trying to work everything out." But then he added, "But you're the 2nd person to bring up that biscuit, so I'll tell the owner."

"Do, my good man, do."

The other detail I should mention is that every dish is served in its own cast iron skillet, so the food, especially that dreamy mac n cheese stays hot.

Visit Jus' Mac. And ask about the Elvis...

Jus' Mac

Montrose location:

106 Westheimer

2617 Yale Street

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