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Valentine's Day

Yes, it's a little late. What do you think of Valentine's Day? Did you pay homage to Saint Valentine, a 3rd century priest who was martyred for marrying Christian couples and other helpfulness during the reign of Claudius? Naturally; what else does one do while sipping champagne and nibbling strawberries?

I work in a preschool, so Valentine's Day is a big deal - exchanging cards, the party, singing the Skinamarink a dink a dink song. And that's fun. When I was younger and single-er, Valentine's was just a wretched reminder that there was no one to send me flowers, or to buy mushy cards for. It's funny that after I married, I kind of forbid my husband from participating in the holiday with all the usual hoopla. Don't get me wrong: I still want a present for Valentine's (Gift Giving - #1 Love Language), but I don't want money spent foolishly on over priced flowers or chocolates. "Please," I say, "Give me flowers in March."

So, in my family we give each other books to celebrate Valentine's Day.

Yes, books. I got this idea from my friend, Kathleen, who also enjoys gifts, but does not want to join the Crazy Hearts Train. We have been doing this since my boys were little, and I always inscribe everyone's books with "Happy Valentine's Day, 2---." I don't know, maybe I'm picturing that one day the boys will have a special shelf of these books in their home, and when someone asks, "Why are there Piggie and Gerald books next to Doctor Proctor's Fart Powder next to the Percy Jackson series next to John Green, etc?" my sons will say (with a slight catch in their voice?), "Those are my Valentine books."

But, more than likely, those books will remain in my home. On a special shelf. And I'll just be dying for someone to ask about them.

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