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And it's January

Happy New Year, all y'all Gentle Readers! Are you all busy achieving New Year's resolutions?

Of course, you know what I'm busy doing this month judging by the above photo of me and a slightly blurry Sasha Fierce Pup. Look closely, and you can see that I'm not eating dessert for this entire month. See? Now it's obvious! And if you examine even more carefully you will note that I'm not buying anything either. Yes, January is my Austerity Month. And it's going swimmingly...

My co-worker gave me the idea to not shop for the entire month, just to counter the excess of the previous months. "It's just a little deal I make with myself every January," she told me. No clothes, no books, no music, no manicures, etc. The idea being that you already received all these wonderful gifts in December and so just take some time to enjoy what you have, be content, etc. And, actually, I have to say this is going all right. There is a certain freedom and relief in not spending money. Except for some new mascara and a manicure, I think I could keep this up a while longer.

I was telling a girlfriend about this, and she told me that I could really take it to the next level and not have any dessert for the whole month, too. Like a pre-Lent. Again, all in the name of combating the excessive carb fest that was December. This, I tell you, is taking its toll. If I were a proper blogger, I would rhapsodize about how much better I feel, how much more energy I have, there would definitely be a mention about bloating. There's always a shout-out to bloating. But no, this is not the case. I feel just like I always do. Except that I'm tired-er, crankier and wondering about some of my life choices. I think teaching small children requires some sugar.

Still, I'm sticking with it. Both my boys are on board with this, which was surprising because I really expected some push back. So, I can't back out now, all "Just kidding! Let's get cupcakes!" Ideally, I will lose my craving for sugar, so that when February 1, rolls around, I will not immediately race out to Dessert Gallery (after my manicure) for a slice of Italian Wedding Cake and then list the ingredients to make a creme brulee that weekend. No, according to the experts (my girlfriends, and they are smart), I will be totally blase on February 1, "Oh, is January over? Well, I'll just think about dessert later." Vim is the Official Bookie, if you wish to place a bet on this matter.

No dessert, no shopping has kind of taken up all of my resolution power. I had lunch with my friend, Shelby who was sharing her very thoughtful, achievable goals for 2017, when out of the blue, she asked what I plan to do in 2017. The Bible says that without a vision, the people perish. For sure, I will not perish in January; I don't know what will happen after that.

Except for a manicure. I resolve to get a manicure the first week of February. My cuticles are a wreck, y'all.

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