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Makeup Mix up

An ode to my friend, Ann:


How do I rely on your fantastic ideas?

Let me count the ways

1. My Gremlin blue cabinet

2. My son's Legos

3. My new desk that my husband is currently building. It will be awesome.

4. Your mac-n-cheese stuffed burgers. Which are not organizational in nature, but super yummy.

I could on and on about Ann's many space maximizing tips and multitudinous kindnesses (recently, she allowed birds to nest and birth their young in her mailbox). But today I'm going to focus on her latest morning time-saver.

From DIY Maven Ann:

In my endless effort to streamline and save time on all things “necessary” in my life, I’ve discovered a time saver when applying my makeup. Let’s face it (no pun intended), there are a lot of tedious layers to properly apply our makeup – first moisturizer/wrinkle cream, then primer, then foundation, then powder(s), then blush, etc. What are we…women or onions???

I wondered if I could combine all of my liquid/cream makeup together and apply them all at once to save time. While I’d hoped I’d stumbled upon a great time saving idea, I also thought of every reason this might not work – would the products not work as intended when mixed together? Would my foundation color change when mixed with other products, even if they were all more or less neutral colors?

I decided it was worth a try and I chose to mix my moisturizer/wrinkle reducer, matte primer, and foundation together. First I needed a container. After some brief on-line research I ordered inexpensive 30g mineral makeup sifter jars from Amazon and removed the sifter since I’m using the jar for liquid/cream make up. Next I felt the need to be exact in my measurements so I meticulously measured my moisturizer/wrinkle reducer, matte primer, and foundation with a 1/4th teaspoon measuring spoon. Once all was carefully measured and in the jar I mixed them together with a chop stick I had from Chinese takeout the night before. It totally worked! It worked surprisingly well…why hadn’t I thought of this before? It really does save time – what used to be 3 steps (with a bit of drying time in between each step) is just one simply quick step for me now.

On a related side note, I recently attended a class on applying makeup. Yes, I’m of an age where I’ve been applying make up for let’s just say “a few years” however this class taught me the latest trends, tools, and techniques. I quickly discovered I had a lot to learn since the last class I attended was when I was 16 and my mom made me go before I was allowed to start wearing makeup. One of the many things I learned was how to achieve an air brushed look without using an actual air brush. Now, when applying my foundation mixture, I use a brush I purchased at Sephora called the “Sephora Collection Classic Multitasker Brush #45”. It was a bit of a splurge for me but completely worth the price.

Thank you, Ann! I am absolutely drawn to this cute little jar and fluffy brush. If I braid your hair, will you come over and show me how to do a smoky eye and messy bun?

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