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Mother's Day Gift Guide

Well, here we are! It's our first sponsored post. Please enjoy this Mother's Day Gift Guide we put together for the Liquidation Channel.

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Every Mother’s Day, I find myself looking for new and meaningful ways to tell my Mom just how much she means to me. Flowers and candy are always nice, but they can get old after a while; I always want to find something really outstanding that she’ll remember year after year. Every Mom is unique, and every gift we give tells a story. So let Bustle and Vim help you find the perfect gift to show the Mom in your life how special she is to you this year, with our Mother’s Day Gift Guide.

For the Classic Mom

They’re called classics for a reason. Show the Mom with timeless style that she’ll be forever in your heart with these pieces that never go out of fashion.

For the Creative Mom

Is your Mom the creative type? Honor those that walk off the beaten path with these boho-chic pieces from our Artisan-Crafted collection. If you or Mom is the crafty-type, shop our high-quality loose gems to create a stunning piece of jewelry that is truly one-of-a-kind. You could even make it a project for the two of you. What could Mom love more?

For the Mom On-the-Go

Does your Mom love to travel? Is she always on the go? Whether she’s racing to that next meeting, running errands, or hopping on a plane, Mom will appreciate these style essentials that help her get wherever she’s going on time and on trend!

For the Glam Mom

Who doesn’t love a little luxury? (No one. We all love luxury!) It’s nothing but the very best for these Moms. They’re gems and they know it! Find the perfect statement piece for your Glam Mom in our Luxury collection.

For the Trendy Mom

This Mom is always on top of the newest fashion trends! Thrill your trend-setting Mom with the latest styles on offer in our Fashionista collection. And maybe find a little something for yourself as well. ;)

For the Blooming Mom

A mother’s love is always in bloom. For those Moms who love feminine, floral looks, look no further than our Blooming Mom collection! These budding gemstone beauties will never fade with time - just like a mother’s love.

For the Sentimental Mom

Introducing LC’s Hidden Treasures Collection. These beautiful tassel necklaces come in a variety of styles, and each one holds a secret: a charm of your choice to personalize each piece, so you can send a message straight from the heart.

Editor’s Picks: Hidden Treasures Tassel Necklaces in: Cherished Timeless Contemporary Hidden Treasures Charms: Butterfly Uplift – Love Uplift – Lucky Celestial – Moon with Stars

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