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Trip to San Antonio

My reign as the Queen of Quiet has come to an end. I picked up my boys from camp on Saturday. They smelled a little funny, but they had huge smiles as they told me about their week. Together, at the same time.

As we were getting in the car, a mild argument started between them. "Nuh uh," I pounced, "It has been a quiet week in Lake Wobegone, I mean, Houston, my house, my car, my life, and I liked it, and I'm not going back. If I hear ugly, there will be no electronics in the car, and you will clean the house when we get home. Do you hear what I'm saying?" Older Son had been cradling his cell phone and mumbling, "My precious" so his eyes got Gollum-wide, and his "Yes, Ma'am" was especially robust. My friend, Wise Stephanie, suggested a couple of weeks ago that when Older acts badly to Younger, I take away his electronics, and he earns them back by doing 5 nice things for his little brother. That has been a good plan, and I'm adding Cleaning Baseboards to my Raising Siblings Toolbox. It's a sad, empty little toolbox as I'm an only child and still a little mystified about brothers, so I'm very grateful to my Wise friends.

But enough about me and my Squabblers. Before picking up the boys, I spent a whole day lunching and shopping in San Antonio with my mom. I love this city! I grew up there and thought it was fine, but I really appreciate this great place now. First on my tour was my mom's closet. I love this closet! It smells good, all her clothes are arranged by color and sleeve length, from casual to dressy. I would like to pour myself a Diet Pepsi and sit in there for an afternoon, relaxing in the scented organization. My mom has bought the prettiest necklace from an Etsy shop called VBelleJewelry. They specialize in making jewelry from broken china.

China Jewelry

I'm wearing my mom's china pendant that also acts as a brooch. Check out the rings - they are my favorites. And right now VBelle is offering Bustle and Vim readers a discount on jewelry - use the code BUSTLE10 when you order!

Bird Bakery

My friend, Amy, travels all over the world for her work. I think this sounds very glamorous, and I want to be Amy when I grow up (alas! I fear I'm about out of time, and there's really not much call for pre-school teachers to travel far and wide). Anyway, Amy recently found herself in SA, and she recommended a super cute bakery/lunch place in the super cute Alamo Heights area of town. Bird Bakery is indeed SUPER CUTE. Mom and I split a California Turkey Sandwich, which was delicious, but I'm glad we shared because the main thing here is cupcakes. CUPCAKES!!!!!

There must have been 20 flavors. I enjoyed The Elvis, banana with chocolate chips, and Mom had Peanut Butter. The frosting is sublime and just the right amount. I'm hitting this place again, and I may drop any pretense of healthy lunch because I believe in being true to myself when I'm in the presence of cupcakes.

Finally, The Blue Hutch, my new favorite place to shop. So, Mom and I are shopping at the Pearl Brewery (this is a fun, newly renovated part of SA with coffee shops and boutiques), and I'm trying on a pair of pants that are cute, but way expensive. And Mom says, "If you like these pants, we ought to see if they're cheaper at HEB." "HEB, the grocery store?" "Yes." Huh. I love HEB as much as the next Texan, but I didn't know they were adding clothes to their Primo Picks. The HEB at Alon Market has a boutique right inside the store. Go to this boutique first, otherwise your popsicles will melt. The store is small, but so packed with gorgeous possiblities! Jennifer is the owner, and she is uber delightful. I bought a pair of beige jeans with ivory embroidery and a beautiful dress that I'll pair with sandals now and cowboy boots in the fall. And Mom bought me the prettiest, laciest blouse you've ever seen. Because my mom is generous like that. The price points (I had a friend who worked as a buyer, and she talked like that) were excellent. Jennifer also has a lay-away plan in case you are overwhelmed and just want it all.

Feel free to contact me if you want any more San Antonio recommendations. I can't promise my mom will buy you a new blouse, but I'll point you in the right direction.

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