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Several New Definitions

Several new definitions for not getting sh*t done.

Procratihation – Putting off doing something because you really, and I mean really, hate it.

Procrastifusion – Putting something off, while confused as to why you seem unable to find time to do this very simple/important/worthy task.

I spend a of time here.

Procratibitching – Complaining about something you have to do to achieve the short-lived, illusory feeling that you are doing something about it.

Not to be confused with…

Procrastibitchdon – Getting something done, with the sole motivator being a VERY strong desire to avoid hearing someone bitch about it, as will happen, imminently.

Procrastefficiency – Getting many tasks accomplished, because you are using them to avoid doing something you want do even less.

Related to…

Procrastiproxy – A more pleasant task done in place of the one you are putting off doing.

This post, right here.


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