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Refreshing, Easy Summer Treat

I've taken the week off from Covid Projects. My family has not. Husband continues to bake bread, Younger is making marshmallows, Older has been crafting his own fresh mozzarella. But none of them want to blog about the experience, and I, as already mentioned, am on hiatus.

So, when you're not up to the work, but still need a treat (and I always need a treat), here's what's let do:

Popsicles and Champagne!!!!!

You will need:

Popsicles. I like Outshine bars, lime flavor.

Champagne. Or Prosecco. Something sparkling.

Firmly grasp that popsicle stick in one hand and dip into your sparkling beverage. Now your popsicle has this marvelous champagne flavor. And when you've finished your popsicle, your champagne has this wonderful lime flavor.


Can I use a flavor other than lime?

Of course you can! Pineapple! Mango! Berry! I've never tried actual ice cream on a stick, but if you want to the be the first, take that one giant step for mankind!

My kids want to do this, too!

Naturally, it's super fun to dip food into our drinks; it takes us back to preschool, when the biggest problem was the coloring pages and blocks piling up. Have some chilled Izzie drinks or sparkling lemonade.

This is a really refreshing treat if you are outside. So, if you're having family or friends over for an outdoors social distancing get-together, this is a great item to serve. Plus, everyone can open their own popsicle, so that feels safer, too.

Or, you can enjoy P&C inside. In the A/C. Under a fan.




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