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Soup is ON!

Well, Gentle Readers, I think I can say with confidence that Spring is over, and Summer now reigns, smacking us with her humidity scepter at every turn.

And I know that every Summer our thoughts turn to Soup. Mmmm, soup, so warming...

But wait! There's a better way! I have prepared the most refreshing, yummiest chilled soup you've ever had! Presenting:

Honeydew Cucumber Soup

Ingredients: 2 cups honeydew pieces (that have been chillin' in the fridge)

1/2 of an English cucumber, cut into chunks

2 Tbl lime juice (about 2 limes)

8 oz plain yogurt

4 mint leaves (optional)


In your food processor, combine honeydew, cucumber, lime juice and mint leaves.

Puree the mixture. Younger son advocated for adding the yogurt at this point, so that the soup is creamier. I concede this is a good point. However, it's also really pretty to schmear the yogurt on opposite ends of the bowl, like above. So, to placate us both, I added half of the yogurt to the puree, and did one schmear on everyone's bowl.

Puree some more.

Most recipes like this will call for you to strain the soup. But I like the pulpy texture, so I strained about half and kept the rest of the pulp.

After you've plated (bowled?) the soup, add a couple rounds of honey, like Rachael Ray does with her EVOO in the pan.

You can be super fancy and add another mint leaf for garnish.

This will make about 4 bowls.

Now, let's talk about honeydew, which is the most untrustworthy of all fruits. At it's best, honeydew is delicious and juicy and sweet and makes you want to sing. But usually, and every breakfast buffet will attest to this, honeydew is tasteless and crunchy and a complete waste of space in a fruit bowl.

How to pick a perfect honeydew?!? Friends, I have the answer.

#1 Honeydews should be yellow, not pale green.

#2 Honeydews should smell good. That is, they should smell like honeydews. So if you see a woman at the HEB, pulling down her mask to inhale deeply of a pineapple or a honeydew, it's me. Stop by and say hello.

Generally Honeydews are in season all summer and even in September and October. But if they aren't yellow, and if they don't smell amazing, they are not worthy, just leave them be. Fall back on my blueberry soup, which will be posted later this week.


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