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Latest Fashion Trends

While BustleandVim is not a Fashion blog, per se, we do like to think that we are keeping up with current trends. Naturally, we do not do this alone. Diane at Shopaholic Sanctuary always has her finger on the Sartorial Pulse and is always ready to help.

So, what's trending? What's hot? What's current?

Yes, folks have been sporting this latest fashion must-have for what feels like BLOODY FOREVER, but is actually about 4 weeks. I even saw a video in which a woman helpfully demonstrates how one might construct one's own panties into a face mask.


The day I go out in public with a gusset over my face is the day...

well, I don't know when that apocalyptic day will be. Luckily, I'm staving it off a bit longer with my Shopaholic Sanctuary face mask.

Stay safe, Gentle Readers

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