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I'm a Convert: Vim's Fall Finds

Violet Voss Best Life Eyeshadow

Please note: Dear Readers, that my phone is currently on the fritz, and I would love to show you actual pictures of myself, but am temporarily, technologically stymied.

I will admit that I’m normally a little skeptical about the suggestions the Sephora folks throw at me when I visit their fine establishment. No shade to these makeup aficionados, but I’m usually looking for skincare solutions, and have a lot more information and research about my specific needs (being the skin-care nerd that I am) than they do. However, I recently received a recommendation that has solved a long-standing woe. Behold: the mother of all lip balms!

Bite Agave Lip Balm

All my life I have struggled with dry lips. I know it’s common issue, due to the vast, and largely ineffective, products targeting this problem. But readers, I have found a winner in Bite’s Agave Lip Balm. Super moisturizing, non-sticky, and best of all, the effects seem to be long lasting. Hurray!

For funsies, I also recommend Violet Voss’s Best Life eyeshadow palette. I bought this one as a birthday treat for myself. I could not resist these glittery tones! The possibilities, my friends!

Violet Voss Best Life Eyeshadow Palette

You see, I don’t normally wear eyeshadow, as I have small, hooded eyes. I just don’t have a lot of … I dunno, eyelid real estate to work with - unlike Bustle, who has tons, and could paint Monet’s Water Lilies on her eyelids (Bustle, please do this for Halloween – so chic). What looks fabulous on others, tends to just make my eyes look smaller, and also like a toddler that broke into a box of melty crayons. Not great. But over the years I have learned some techniques for those of us who are…orbitally challenged(?), and this palette inspired me to get creative. I also enjoy the fun names. Happiness, Hugs, Happy Hour! Who doesn't want to paint their eyes with a little Success?

Speaking of eyeshadow, if you’re in a less extravagant mood, I found this great neutral palette at, of all places, the Walmart. And I learned something. I’ve always steered clear of lining my lash line with eyeshadow for fear it would drift all over my face. NOT TRUE! It looks so much better, and wears much longer (without running) than any eyeliner I’ve ever used. I’ve been a fool all these years, but no more! I bought Glam&Beauty Glam Nudes eyeshadow in the impulse-buy section at the checkout, and that impulse has really paid off (and for only $7)!

glam&beauty eyeshadow palette

NOTE: This is not actually the one I got (I got the rose nude palette), it is a different version but the only one I could find online. Again, my phone is broke and won't let me send photos to myself, so alas. But I recommend visiting your local Walmart.

My last recommendation is going to veer away from the world of makeup, to the most critical of all fashion arenas, good jeans. Sigh. So hard to find a comfortable, flattering pair of stretchy jeans, that neither sags nor binds, am I right? Imagine my surprise when I found a great pair at Target! Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge fan of Target for their cute little dresses and so much more, but I’d never had much luck in the pants department. These new Denizen by Levi jeans have converted me. And they’re a steal at around $30. As soon as my shopping budget allows, I’m going back for more.

Levi's Denizen Jeans at Target

Stay tuned for my next beauty post, A Tale of Too Many Sunscreens, as I continue my search for the perfect, tinted sunscreen. The odyssey continues...

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