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Sweater Weather!!!!

It is Fall, Y'all!

And by that, I mean the weather has dipped gloriously below 80 degrees! Never mind that it will only last 2 days before seizing up again, we are enjoying it!

And in preparation, I've been trying on sweaters. So, for your consideration: *

Check out this black cardigan! It is super soft, it's like buttuh, it's so soft. And lightweight.

In short, it's a perfect Texas fall cardigan. It's also probably a perfect Texas winter cardigan, but I don't want to sound ungrateful...

And guess what?!? All this delightfulness is under $15 because I found it at Wal-Mart! I know, right!

There was a time when I could not buy pants or jeans at Old Navy. I'm not sure when it happened, but it is clear to me that a powerful Curvy Woman elbowed (hipped?) her way into the Design Department because Old Navy, Gap, and Banana Republic are now on my list of Places to Procure Pants.

Pictured above are my new favorites, a mid-rise distressed boyfriend jean, and they are on sale right this moment!

And then this cute cardigan in red leopard print is also on sale. My mom emailed me the other day, "I'm seeing leopard everywhere. Also, Little House on the Prairie plaid dresses with ruffles. Like you wore when you were little." So, two things: Yes, leopard is everywhere. Every fashion post from Fave Gal Cassie at HiSugarplum features something leopard, usually in multiples, because she is a little gaga for the print, and who can blamer her? It's fab! And while this post doesn't showcase any Prairie dresses, they are indeed everywhere, and I feel it's only a matter of time. Perhaps there will also be a photo of me from the 3rd grade...

Hmmm, perhaps I spoke too soon.

Because that looks an awful lot like a long plaid skirt. But so far we have been spared any ruffles.**

So, this skirt is an Amazon find! It's a very soft flannel sort of feel. It comes in a variety of plaids and solids, and it's around $35. Now, the sizing is a little tricky. I'm a reliable size 12 (my gym trainer is all, "Eat less dessert!", and I'm all, "No!") and the size XL is a tad tight (my gym trainer is all, "Vindicated!", and I'm all, "Fine, gimme a carrot") so if you're smaller than me, you should be fine, but you might find yourself still ordering up a size.

The sweater top is from Loft, where I can drop any carrots at the door and shop my size. Loft is having a 40% sale right now, and this lightweight, soft top comes in a variety of colors.

Oh, look, Pa, it's another long plaid skirt.

Again, shopping at Amazon, this skirt is more of a mid length. It's a super soft flannel. Again, you will want to size up. And if you don't like it, do you know you can return so many items from Amazon at Kohl's and then get a 25% coupon from Kohl's? So, it's a win if you like it, and kind of a win if you don't!

And check out the little leather detail on the pockets!


This Softspun Longline Hoodie Cardigan is a winner! It's 40% on sale from Gap, and comes in about 6 different colors. I know it's sounding repetitive, but soft and lightweight are more than just buzz words. They are a lifestyle! Or at least they should be.


Aren't these cute?!?

I have a problematic relationship with shoes. I love them, but my feet are hard to fit. So often my feet and shoes have a meet-cute, but then the first actual date occurs, and it turns out the cute shoes are kind of abusive.

Whoa, that analogy went dark pretty fast.

Anyhoo, these cute sneakers are a keeper. They are from the EV1 - Ellen DeGeneres line from Wal-Mart, and I like 'em a lot.

Hope you enjoy these Fall Fashion Finds!

* Much thanks to my husband who took all these photos in our backyard. He was trying to get some yard work done and kept glancing up to see me looking hopeful while my heels sank in the soft grass.

**I have nothing against plaid ruffles. In fact, this week, during Parent Teacher Conferences, one of my cutest preschool moms showed up in a, get this, 1) Plaid, 2) Ruffled, and 3) Jumpsuit - Trend Trifecta! I would have taken her photo, but I fear it would have seemed weird and might have made our conference, which is supposed to be about her daughter, awkward. But you can picture it!

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