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Hazen and other DFW Adventures

Happy Labor Day, all, and a very Happy Birthday, dear Vim!

I hope this post finds you relaxing by a pool. Or a lake. Or some other body of tranquil water. Or maybe just holding a glass of yummy cocktail. I like liquid in a lot of forms.

This past summer, Older and I took a road trip to Fort Worth. We stayed with some of our Favorite Friends and drove to Dallas in the mornings because Older was scheduled to do some aptitude testing.* So, I have heard of the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex, but I've never beheld it.

I grew up in San Antonio; I currently live, and, more to my point, I drive in Houston. But I felt like a total hick from some small town with only a Farm-to-Market two lane road trying to drive the Crazy that is the highway system between Dallas and Fort Worth. And do you know what made it even better? And by better, I mean crazier and awfuller? I promised Older that he could drive! GAH! Stop me now because I could go on and on about the endless highways, my endless doubting of Google maps, and a very singular lack of Sonic drive-ins on the spaghetti that is the DFW daily drive. Older and I actually looked at each other and smiled as we rolled back into Houston traffic.

Enough of that.

Let me tell you what I found in Dallas!

One of my Favorite Friends is Melissa. We have been friends since my Older and her Older were Tiny Babies.**

Melissa drove us to Dallas that first morning. Proof positive that she is such a good Favorite Friend because I don't really love driving (although having a new driver in the family has made me positively savor my driving time). Also, I tend to get lost easily, so Melissa was rightly concerned that Older would be late for his oh-so-very-important-and-expensive aptitude testing.

After dropping off Older (on time!!!) we had a supremely yummy breakfast at Breadwinners Cafe. Obviously, I have huge reservations about ever driving to Dallas again, but if you must sojourn, eat here. The food was delicious, the atmosphere was charming, and the service was excellent.

Now comes the fun adventure part! Melissa set off for the new Hazen jewelry store.

Here's the story about Hazen jewelry. Hazen was founded by Taylor Miller when she was very young. So young, in fact, that she was one of Melissa's middle school choir students here in Houston. I remember Melissa taking me to a house party that featured Young Taylor's wares. I bought a cute pearl necklace and felt good about supporting a young artist, kind of like when you stop to buy lemonade from a kid selling on the corner; only I still have and wear the necklace, so kind of different from a lemonade stand. Fast forward all these years later, and here we are, driving around Dallas looking for her store!


Cute top from Shopaholic Sanctuary!

So much loveliness in one place!

And I got to meet Amelia, the Brand Manager! Seriously, she is the cutest!

Hazen is a real Treat Yourself kind of experience. Think Local-Artisan-Hand-Crafted-Right-Here-in-Texas fare. Usually, when faced with a sort of expensive purchase, I like to think about it. Mull over it. Sleep on it. That sort of thing. "I don't know," I said, trying on this bracelet, "I would like to think about it, mull over it, maybe sleep on it."

Emily Bracelet found here

"Well, of course, you can," answered Amelia helpfully, "But this bracelet is pretty limited, quantity-wise. And if you decide you do want it, I'll have to charge you shipping to mail it to you."

Aaigh! Shipping! My own, personal kryptonite!

Reader, I bought the bracelet.

And two more, besides. Because, shipping.

another Emily bracelet Brooke bracelet

On the way back from the restroom, I got a sneak peek into the Magical Back Room where the Fall collection was hanging expectantly on the walls. Either I am going to have to break down and pay for shipping, or break down and drive to Dallas.***

Check out the Hazen website. Also, Hazen is sold in boutiques all over the country. Here in Houston, you can find some Hazen jewelry at Bering's and Julie Rhodes.

Happy Adventures to you!

*Aptitude testing. Lemme explain. So, my mom has this theory, and I completely agree, that we raise our children for our lives. Like, whatever hardship we've had to deal with, that's what we take great pains to ready our kids for. My mom's mom died when my mom was very young. Ergo, my mom raised me with this sort of heightened awareness that she could die, and she didn't want me to be unprepared, so there was much discussion about how her life insurance policy money was to be spent wisely, a list of trustworthy adults I could turn to, etc. Two years ago she remarked, "Well, I did not see a hurricane coming and flooding your house; I wish I could have prepared you for this." For me, I have never really figured out what to do with my life career-wise, and I don't want that to happen to my sons, so this crazy, big-deal aptitude testing - "They will absolutely know what they are good at, what careers they should pursue", and, of course, whatever it is they will be dealing with will be something that I have no idea about and did not even think to prepare them for. But I've decided the aptitude testing is okay because I am being honest with myself about why they are doing it!!!! Although, I would like to note that Older really enjoyed the experience, thanked me for it, and said it was very helpful!

**Our two Olders are still friends; they even co-host an Instagram featuring their cool socks.

***Third Option: Melissa, can you FaceTime me the next time you are at Hazen?????

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