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Clothes Shopping - on Amazon

Obviously, shopping for clothes is not new for me. Nor is shopping for clothes online (as long as the return policy is good; I'm not paying $8.95 for the honor of trying on your stuff). And I have long shopped Amazon for practically everything. "I bought weed killer on Amazon this week," my friend, Sara, told me last night. But I have not bought clothes on Amazon. For one thing, the few times I've browsed, the size chart is ridiculous: Size S: 0-2, Size M: 4-6, Size L: 8-10. Okay, you've already lost me, and I haven't even chosen a color yet.

But then my favorite blogger (she can be your 2nd favorite blogger) Cassie of Hi, Sugarplum showcased this entire wardrobe all purchased from Amazon. Now, on the one hand, Cassie's sense of style is singularly on point, and I trust her recommendations completely. On the other hand, Cassie is tiny, so everything looks good on her. You know how really thin people can wear a white T-shirt and a pair of shorts, and they're looking totally chic and ready for a fabulous Bloody Mary brunch? Whereas, I look pretty frumpy, nay, slovenly in T-shirts. So, there is a balancing act between what Cassie promotes, and what I can wear.

So, I checked the return policy, and BOOM! It's Amazon Prime, so I'll try it.

Okay, up first:

This top is uber cute! The fabric is lightweight, but good quality. The flowers are embroidered, not painted or appliqued. It also comes in a blue and white stripe, white, and plus sizes! I'm super pleased with this darling shirt for $13.99!!!!


Cassie totally knocked it out with this one: the dress, the hat, the earrings. All I'm lacking is the professional photographer with a really good camera. Not that I don't appreciate you, Older Son... But the dress and I are actually cuter in person. Yes, I understand that it's a sweltering 98 degrees, and everyone one wants to get back inside. Sigh, someday.

Okay, this dress can be selected a dozen different ways - different fabrics, sleeve lengths. Again, with the lightweight fabric that is still good quality. You might have concern about that low-ish neckline, but I can tell you I wore it all day, and it did not gap open once. I would even wear it to work teaching pre-schoolers, which is a lot of bobbing up and down, and I would not worry about a wardrobe malfunction.

This dress is under $30 and boasts free returns, so even if you're not sure, try it.

Do you know that I'm a hat person? I am. My mother is a hat person. My dad is a hat person. So, let me just say a few words about hats in general before I address this hat in particular. If you have ever thought to yourself, "Gosh, I wish I could wear a hat" you can! No one can wear every hat. Hats are like dresses - most hats look good on most people. So, First Step, go ahead, try on a hat. Start off with something low level, like a broad brimmed sun hat, which is totally good for you anyway to protect your eyes and face from the sun. And then wear that hat in a place where no one knows you, like on vacation, or running an errand at the Target where you don't usually go. That's how you get used to wearing a hat. And then you wear this hat back in your normal surroundings, and when people say, "Oh, did you get a new hat?" you can say, "Oh no, I've worn this before." I'm serious. Try this.

You could even start with this hat. I love this hat, and I think it would look good on the majority of people. It's $15.99, with a 5% off coupon. Cassie wore this hat in all her fabulous vacation pics. I don't have fabulous vacation pics, but I'm still wearing it.

This is me, my hat, and my friend, Melissa enjoying a late brunch at Snooze

Finally, a word about these earrings:

They're called Fiesta Statement Earrings.

Which is sort of an understatement.

I wore them in Dallas a couple of weeks ago, hoping they would act as a sort of homing device or beacon to my blogger fashion hero. Alas, no. These earrings are big, but they are no Bat Signal. These earrings are also pretty lightweight, which seems to be the running theme of most of these Amazon purchases. And they do, indeed, make a statement.

I hope this was enjoyable and useful.

Till next time,


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