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Summer Finds

"Hmmm," you may be thinking to yourself, "Self, doesn't Bustle live in Houston? And isn't it JULY?"

Indeed. All the clues are there. I'm wearing my cute summer daisy pants from Old Navy (these are awfully close, and they are on sale!) And I've got my $5 rose gold flip flops from Rack Room Shoes - why are these the most comfortable? And why didn't I buy two more pairs?

And look - I'm wearing a Poppin' Pink lipstick AND a More Poppin' Pink nail polish! A sure sign of summer.

Yep, and here I'm about to faint from heatstroke. "Older Son, please tell me you have taken some okay-to-good photos."

Whatever, I'm not putting the sweater back on.

So, Summer + Sweaters = Nordstrom's Summer Sale!

The above is a hooded cardigan from Caslon, and it is on sale. It is also super cozy with extra long sleeves and perfectly placed pockets. I would have a photo of how cute the hood is, but the combination of merino and Houston humidity would make my hair run screaming from my head, and though my hair deserves some sort of retribution for being so frizzy, this is not it, so take my word for it - the hood is darling.

I know it's hard to even think about sweaters right now without reaching for a popsicle, but come January, you will feel snug and smug (is there a better combination?) in this sale sweater.

I ordered one other sweater from Nordstrom, and I've had my eye on this for a long time.

This cardigan is from Barefoot Dreams. It is normally crazy expensive. Even on sale, it's a consideration, but I will tell you it is the softest, most glorious sweater ever made. When Younger was a baby, a friend came over with a pot roast and a little blanket. The roast was delicious, and the blanket was made by this same Barefoot Dreams in the same fabric. "I have a bathrobe made from this," my friend gushed, "It's amazing." It is amazing, and Younger carried that blanket around for 3 years.

In the above photo, I am legitimately wearing this sweater. Because I am cold. And here is where I tell you of a merry war betwixt my Husband and me, and how he won this war this very summer. My Husband is crazy hot blooded. When we are sleeping in bed, heat radiates off him, which works because he has the ceiling fan jacked up to Tornado. I suppose this makes me, what, cold-blooded? Reptilian?Anyway, this summer, whenever I would start to feel chilly, I would toodle on over to the thermostat and play with the buttons. And then he would come home, immediately feel uncomfortable, why is he uncomfortable?, and so it went, back and forth, The Dance of the A/C.

Until I found this note:

I Iaugh so hard every time I read this, that I don't play with the buttons anymore.

And I bought myself this Barefoot Dreams cardigan. So, I would say it's a win-win.

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