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Come Splurge with Me

It's been kind of a splurge-y week in the Bustle house. Older got a Christmas Llama sweater on sale for next year. Younger was pleased and surprised to get my Okay on a banana print shirt. Both boys declined to be photographed, so we'll just go with my splurges then.

Splurges usually start with a "quick stop" at Shopaholic Sanctuary to see Diane. Only this time I was not kidding myself that there would be anything quick about it. I had given up shopping for Lent, so there was a definite vibe of wanting going on strong.

Splurge #1

This top is all kinds of Boho chic. And the embroidery detail is super fine. The cotton is cool and comfortable. It is perfect for Spring and Summer A/C (because when it's 100 degrees outside in Houston, it is near freezing inside).

Diane recently did a big show in Houston and actually sold this top right off her back.

I'm honestly not sure if I would have the nerve to ask for someone's shirt. Lucky for me, Diane had some extra hanging on the rack, so any awkward conversation, "Heeey, I like that shirt you're wearing. Can I buy it?" was avoided.

Splurge #2

This linen tank is so pretty and cool. I feel refreshed just wearing it.

Perhaps someone younger than myself, or Mary Tyler Moore could wear it as a dress. Diane suggested that it could also be a swim suit cover up. Which would require me to wear a swim suit - "we'll see about that," I murmured.

I'm mostly pleased to wear it as a tunic with white jeans. And my snakeskin lady shoes (also from Shopaholic Sanctuary)! Seriously, I'm like 5'7 in these wedges. This is how Brienne of Tarth must feel everyday!

My earrings are Summer Skies from Noonday Collections.

Finally, Splurge #3

I love this blouse! Black and white stripes with melon embroidery! They say orange is the big color this summer. I can't pick a favorite because, of course, I love all of my shirt babies, but this one's awfully close. I love the fabric covered buttons and the intricate embroidery detail.

Earrings are a Target spontaneous grab - What do they put in the Target Oxygen????

Hope you can a fit a splurge into your week!

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