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Friday Faves

Happy Friday, everyone!

Friday Faves makes it sound like it's my regular thing. I know it's not, but it is Friday, and I have a few new favorite things to share, so I'm going with that.

First of all, photo credits to my Younger Son, who greatly enjoyed playing the role of Real Photographer. He was cavorting all over the place, telling me to turn this way, no, the other way, and explaining that it's better when the subject matter is not directly in the middle of the photo. I usually don't ask him to take photos because he's shorter than I am, and I always think it's better when I'm photographed looking up.*

I was wandering around Old Navy last week and found these embroidered daisy pants 50% off!!!!!

The line was crazy, so my mother in law held my place while I tried them on. On impulse I grabbed another pair in Easter egg purple. I always amass when on sale and consider/return later. Upon consideration, I'm keeping the Daisy Pants!

And I just checked, and they are $25 right now! These pants are super cute (the embroidery is real, not painted on) and comfortable and boast a lightweight fabric, which is about to become THE MOST important factor in all clothes very soon!

Oy! This child! I should have known when he couldn't stop laughing.

So, if you can get past the artistic angles, check out the necklace and earrings.

I hosted a Noonday Collection party recently. Have you heard of Noonday? It's a really fantastic shopping organization that supports artisans in 14 different developing countries. This necklace, which consists of handmade paper beads, was crafted by the first Noonday jewelry designers, Jalia and Daniel. Almost 10 years later, Jalia and Daniel have a thriving business that provides dignified work for 400 artisans, "All because," as my Noonday Ambassador Jenny says, "women have purchased a $30 necklace and $40 earrings."

The next time you are considering a gift for a friend or yourself, consider Noonday Collection.

This necklace comes in four different colors, and there are three beautiful pendants you can add to make a really stylish look. I chose this feather pendant made of polished horn, and I'm enjoying it a lot.

And check out these earrings! Also, from Noonday, these are called Summer Skies. They are so lightweight, I can wear them all day, and they never get heavy. I wasn't too sure when I saw them in the catalog, but Ambassador Jenny wore them to the party, and they looked so fantastic on her, that I started to consider. And then my friend, Erin, wore them, and they looked terrific on her. "Perhaps," I said to myself (and don't you wonder, when you talk to yourself, who is the real you?) "you can pull off these long, colorful earrings, too."

I've worn them now a couple of times, and I always get compliments. So, it's BOLD for the win!

Finally, let's take a closer look at these AB-FAB shoes! They are ridiculously fine!

So, of course, I purchased them from Diane of Shopaholic Sanctuary.

I know they're kind of high. And I usually wear shoes that are kind of low. I think I tried them on as a dare, just to see if I could walk across the room (there I go again, talking to myself).

But these are actually pretty comfortable shoes, and because of the snakeskin, I can wear them with light colored clothes as well as with dark colors, so they will transition well from Summer to Fall. And you know how Fall is... I'll be wearing these wedges all the way to Christmas.

I'm going to feature some more great buys from Shopaholic Sanctuary later next week. Because Diane sells the cutest stuff.

Please note that the shaggy dog walking behind my shoes is not for consideration. And if you could see her summer shedding schedule, you would not even be interested. Younger Son has been tasked with vacuuming the house every afternoon. Older Son got the morning shift.

Wishing you a terrific weekend!


*My wedding photographer was 6'6. Like I needed my neck to fall back when I was in my glorious 20's. Still, the most photographed day of my life has marked me, and I like to take pictures looking up.

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