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Selfies! Or What I Learned Over Christmas Break

I cannot take a photo of myself. Or, to be more precise, I cannot take a good photo of myself that I would put on this blog. Or send to a friend. Which increases my dependence upon the good natures of my husband and sons (and sometimes the nonplussed sales associate at the Loft). Every selfie makes my nose look tremendous or just tremendously wonky.

Oh! Wouldst that someone could help me with this selfie plight?

Wouldst, indeed. I was visiting my aunt over the Thanksgiving holiday, and saw the most gorgeous framed photo of my cousin.

"Who took this photo of Lala?," I asked. "She did!" my aunt explained. "Rae takes the best selfies." *

One text later, and I had my Selfie Lessons on the calendar.

Not only is my cousin a Millennial (1st qualification!), but she lives in Seattle! Boom! SO MUCH MILLENNIAL Credibility!

Christmas afternoon found us outside in my parents' backyard.

"First, you need one of these," she explained, gesturing to this collapsible grip on the back of her phone.

We look at the back of my cell phone.

"Yep," she smiled, "Right on top of your monogram."

Gasp. As if I would ever...

Maybe the next phone case.

On with the instruction:

"Okay, hold the phone straight from your face. And then just tilt it down a little."

There. That's it. How to take a Selfie. Hold the phone (easier with a ring or a grip; if you don't have one of those, one person holds the phone, the other presses the button) and then just tilt it down ever so slightly.

Next, Lala will guest blog about her fabulous curls.

Incidentally, these are my only photos from Christmas. None from Christmas morning of my kids opening presents. None of all my cousins, plus a new fiance, even though we only get together all of us every two years. None of my parents, even though my mom is celebrating 3 More Years since her doctor told her she had cancer and maybe 3 more months.

I suppose I could say that we were all just really living in the present. Still, hoping to be a little more mindful of capturing this present-living in the new year.

Happy 2019, y'all!

*My cousin's name is Rae. Except to me. I call her Lala. And now she calls me Lala. If we sang, we would be The Lalas. And at Christmas, The Falalalas.

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