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Family Photo Day

Honestly, you would think it's a recognized holiday, the way I look forward to, celebrate, and go on about having our family photo made. I can't even tell you why. In years past when Older and Younger were, well, Younger and Little-er, there were a lot of threats threatened through a fake smile that they had better act right and fly straight for Ms. Mackenzie, OR ELSE! But when the photos arrived via email, they would look so pretty that I would forget how completely frustrating the boys were that day, and instead, I would just be glad that they had been memorialized at this age and time. So, I just really look forward to this day, even more so now when I'm not asking Mackenzie ridiculous questions like, "Can you photograph us chasing the boys and make it look, you know, winsome?"

But Ms. Mackenzie has decamped and gone back to the ex-pat life. So, since last summer, I've been wondering (and possibly stewing about) what to do. And then I remembered that my new friend Lauren is a photographer!

(I can't even tell where her curls end, and mine begin! )

So, we meet at the Houston Arboretum at that Magical Hour, Dusk. I introduce Lauren to my sons, "Boys, this is Mrs. Benesh." Younger's eyes widen. "That Mrs. Benesh???"

You may recall that I've been trying mightily to cook Brussel Sprouts with varying degrees of defeat. Lauren sent over a recipe, and I told my kids that this would be my absolute last effort; if this didn't work, I would hoist the white flag, declare defeat, and it would be Steamed Broccoli Forever.

Never one to let an opportunity pass, Younger has written an entire comedy monologue for his church Talent Show about my Battle with the Brussel Sprouts, and even included the part where I was going to try Lauren's recipe, and one of his lines is "Thanks a lot, Mrs. Benesh!" so he is surprised to meet Lady Sprouts in person.

So, in addition to being a fantastic photographer, Lauren makes Brussel Sprouts that her family likes.

This was a great session. Lauren has a wonderful way of making everyone relax. And she talked my sons right out of fake, frozen smiles, so their photos look amazing this year.

You can follow Lauren Benesh on Facebook. She may even share her Brussel Sprouts recipe with you.

Also, in case you were wondering, Younger killed it at the Talent Show that night, but ultimately lost to an Interpretive Dance that made no illusion to stupid, smelly vegetables.

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