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Sweater Weather!

It's here!


Actually it's kind of warm today, but earlier this week it was definitely SWEATER WEATHER!!!

And this is a great week for sweater shopping because Gap, Old Navy, and Banana Republic are all having HUGE sales, and if you use your Gap/Old Navy/Banana Republic affiliated credit card, you get 50% off. So, here's what I got:

This super cozy, wonderfully chunky cable knit. I could wax on and on about cable knit sweaters. I love them all, but this one is especially fine!

It is supremely comfortable, and at $30 is an excellent buy! Check out for this sweater. It comes in a variety of colors, and it's 100% cotton, so that's perfect for our ridiculously warmer fall and winter.

Which brings me to my next selection, this perfectly perfect turtleneck! I know turtlenecks can be problematic: they make some people feel cozy and ensconced , but then they make others feel strangled. I have usually fallen into the strangled camp (just typing this is making me gasp for air), but that has never stopped me from liking the murderous turtleneck, or wanting one. So, I feel a real sense of Jamie Lee Curtis kind of relief trying on these light weight turtlenecks from the Gap.

The neck stitching is well below my throat, so I don't believe imminent suffocation will be an issue with this sweater. Plus, it is really soft, and the color selection is beautiful. Again, $30, if you use your Gap card.

The other night my friend, Shelby, came over, and she looked so darling I immediately shooed her outside before she could even get a drink so I could take her photo!

Let it never be said that my friend Shelby is not keen. She is so keen! And she is looking so adorably fine in this cardigan by Boden. Of course. Boden is super cute in that British style that I admire and find kind of unattainable. Obviously not a problem for everyone.

This cardigan is lightweight. It comes in 3 colors (should I say colours?) red, navy and gray. All have those great stripes on the sleeves and down the back. I mean - could you die? Sitting next to her all night helped me absorb some of this fab stylishness, I'm sure of it.

Okay, my last sweater for this post. Are you ready? I'm so excited!

Sweater pants!!!!!

So, there was a time when I labored mightily on a knitting project for, get this, knitted yoga pants. Because what I really wanted was sweater pants. That project did not bear out past one leg, so I now have a sort of shawl that's on the short side.

Anyway, no need to dwell on the past. Sweater pants! I got these at, from their Lou&Grey side. I waited for the 40% off sale, and then I pounced.

But then, just yesterday, while waiting in line to return stuff at Old Navy ('cause that's how I shop - amass and return) I saw sweater pants, and they are 30% off! See, here at Bustle and Vim, we are all about options.

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