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New Restaurant Review

So, I really enjoy meal times. And snacks. Because I'm part Hobbit. But my absolute favorite is BRUNCH! Maybe it's because Brunch indicates a lazier day, so no rushing to eat breakfast. Or maybe it's because I'm actually eating for 2 meals, so I'll enjoy a few more bites of pancake, thank you very much. And finding a really good Brunch in Houston has proven to be something of a quest (again, like a Hobbit!).

But today I just might have found the spot...

The Toasted Yolk! I've been driving past it for a couple of months, noted their poster board twirlers on Opening Day, and made a mental note that I would visit at the first opportunity.

Note that every once in a while I become the Mother of Yes!. As in, "Yes, you can order that," and "Yes, we can try those." Today was one of those days, and my boys took full advantage.

Younger ordered The Southern Arnold, which is just like Eggs Benedict, only it's these delicious, juicy chicken tenders set upon fluffy biscuits, topped with a poached egg and creamy Southern gravy. They came with a side of Hash Brown Casserole. "Mom, can I have my Hash Brown Casserole topped with Queso?" "Yes, you can."

I don't normally take photos of food because, well, I didn't grow up that way, and it seems odd. But then I remembered half way through the meal that I had a blog post to write, so...

Yes, I know, it would have been more attractive had I thought to take the pic right away. But it looked so good, and I really wanted a bite. So, know that I appreciate your grace in this matter. And I will try to do better.

Older ordered the Big Ben Omelette, which looked delicious, but I didn't get a bite because Older now likes his food really spicy, and while I was taking my offered bit of Younger's amazing Southern Arnold (really, it was a culinary delight that made me pause and rethink the order of fried chicken restaurants from this summer's food adventure), Older had taken the Chalula sauce and slathered his entire omelette in it.

Unphotographable. Even Annie Lebowitz would have struggled, so me with my cell phone camera? Nu-uh.

I ordered The Alaskan, which is like Eggs Benedict, but with salmon.

Now, I must confess that I did not read the menu properly, and I thought I was getting smoked salmon, which I adore, but I got baked salmon, which I do not. Still, very tasty.

Alas, like every other breakfast restaurant, the Toasted Yolk does not offer a pancake alongside its egg dishes. Instead, you can choose a hash brown casserole, which my sons rated 5 STARS, with and without queso, or grits, which taste like grits. I always ask for a pancake option because I want an omelette AND a pancake, why is this so flipping impossible? But somewhere at Restaurant Headquarters, this idea was firmly kiboshed, so my waitress always smiles and shakes her head, like if she were in charge I could totally have a pancake, but she's not...

But because I was the reigning Mother of Yes! today, I went ahead and ordered a side of pancake. Just the one. I'm going full on Yes!, not crazy.

The pancake was humongous, like, the size of a dinner plate. And it was delicious.

Toasted Yolk

2711 Fountain View Drive

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