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Fashion Hits and Misses



I did some shopping this month, and it all arrived this weekend. Some of it is cute, and I'm keeping it, and some of it needs to stay on the sub-zero models who convinced me to try it on. The problem I'm having right now is that I'm not looking pretty today in the photos of the good clothes, so you, the Gentle Reader, are going to have a difficult time of it agreeing with me about the keepers. I could blame the lighting; Older kept saying this lamp in the background was making it hard. I could blame the humidity that continues to plague my fair city;* I mean, how could one possibly concentrate on the finer points of my sartorial ensemble when my hair curls are literally spreading away from each other just as fast as they can?** Me, I blame my lack of professional help; surely a professional photographer, hair&makeup person, and perhaps photo editor could create all kinds of magic. At least more than an increasingly grumpy Husband and Older son who would like to get back to their Saturday if that's okay with me. So, I'm making do with the pics I've got.

But they're not good.

Which is why I'm leading with this photo:

So, I got it in my head that what my wardrobe was really lacking was black, patent leather sandals. And I found these for a great price at DSW. And they seemed so comfortable, or at least as comfortable as heels are going to be. But the first Sunday I wore them to church, I came home with all kinds of blisters. Which is quite common with patent leather sandals, according to my research. My next step was to purchase gel pads that went over my toes and around my heels. Now I was ready. And I didn't get blisters... where I had gotten them previously. No, I had blisters in new places.

More research suggested that I wear these patent leather sandals with socks around the house (the llamas are just a bonus) and perhaps even aim a hair dryer at the shoes.

I'm not terribly hopeful. I think I'll end up just buying a pair of espadrilles next spring and give up on this patent leather dream.

This next dress is a miss I had been following for a long time at Nordstrom. It's their 1901 brand, and I ordered it as soon as it went on sale. On the model it was this super cute juxtaposition of Victorian leg-o-mutton sleeves and short length and sassy belt. On me, well, my husband said I looked like Pentecostal Girl Gone Wild. Sigh. When I return this to Nordstrom, I will stop at their Cafe and enjoy a London Fog, so it won't all be for nothing.

At some point I just conceded defeat and used my Iron Lady model.

Okay, these are the keepers. I bought both of these dresses from my favorite lady, Diane of Shopaholic Sanctuary. Diane's taste is always on point, and I appreciate then when I step out of her bathroom, sometimes she will cock her head and say, "Mmmm, no."

What I love about the first dress is that the deep grey color says Fall to me, but the material and sleeves say Fall in the South. My husband likes dresses that nip in at the waist, and he has a point (he watched a lot of What Not to Wear with me, so he knows what he's talking about), but I really like this flowing style of dress ("shapeless" he says; "effortless chic" I counter). It's super comfortable, and I don't have to rely on Spanx. Now, if only the shoes would be so easy...

The black dress on the Iron Lady is the same flowy idea, but of a heavier fabric. It's silky looking so it will be perfect for Christmas parties. If these patent leather shoes do not bend to my will/feet, I will wear both dresses with booties. And of course the llama socks.

*Fair City - Okay, it's not fair, but Houston Works. Or as my husband says, "Houston may be ugly, but at least it's hot."

**I had planned a post on Hair Survival in This Humidity. I chatted with dozens of women, bought loads of new products. Y'all, sometimes the only course of action is a ponytail.

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