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Birthday discounts

So, I adore celebrating birthdays - my own, my kids', my friends and family members'; I've been known to join the waiters in singing to a complete stranger, pausing to catch the name and then singing it a beat behind, and cheering when a gigantic sombrero lands on the celebrant's head. And I imagine that you, Gentle Reader, enjoy birthdays as well.

But are you making the most of your birthday?

I guess this is going to be The Mercenary Birthday Post, where I show you how to squeeze the most out of your glorious day. Because a lot, A LOT of stores like to celebrate your birthday with you. Now, you could be like my husband and never reveal your birth date to anyone and have virtually no presence on social media. Or, you could be completely trusting, always assuming the best of these stores like me (#2 on the Enneagram!!!), and get all these crazy discounts and specials every year.

Let's begin:

Up first is Elaine Turner. This is a Texas based boutique that sells clothes, shoes and the most gorgeous handbags.

And on your birthday, Ms. Elaine gives you 50% off any item in the store!

So, every couple of years around my birthday, I wander into Elaine Turner to see what I can see. Also, for some reason, I do this birthday reconnaissance after shopping at Trader Joe's. I don't think I've ever shopped for a birthday purse without having to deposit a Trader Joe's cooler bag at the door. So strange and yet neither here nor there.

Anyway, this year I selected a bag called Lilou, in Smoke Python. This bag is still available, and it's on sale, so it doesn't even have to be your birthday for you to enjoy! It's definitely a splurge item, but I justify it by only shopping for a bag like this every couple of years. Also, I will have just saved money by purchasing food stuffs at Trader Joe's right beforehand...

Next is Loft. Oh, Loft, how I appreciate your Julie fit for those of us who have smaller waists only because our hips are more expansive. You get me, you really get me.

And I appreciate that Loft sends out a coupon for $15 on my birthday. This can be used on anything; it is not restricted to full price items.

So, I waited till this Striped Knit Moto Jacket was on sale for 40% off, and then used my birthday coupon to knock another $15 off the price. And the customer service at Loft is excellent. I bought the jacket online to get the 40% off , took it to the store, returned it, and then bought it again, still at 40% off, so I could use my birthday coupon. Yes, sometimes my shopping is high maintenance, but when I do the math, it's often worth my time. And, again, birthdays - once a year.

Finally, Kendra Scott. I'm kind of new to the wonders of Kendra Scott. But I was reading one of my fave bloggers, Cassie of Hi, Sugarplum! fame (I say fave - I love/hate her because she's Pinterest perfect, so I don't even try to compete with her. Although, I am trying to stand like her in the above photo - did it work? Do I look cute? Older didn't say anything when he took the picture, but he did raise his eyebrows when I went up on my toes like I'm springing into action).

My point here, and I am getting to my point, is that Fave Blogger Cassie was wearing these crazy fabulous earrings that featured feathers. Feathers! What the heck? And yet I was intrigued. I texted my mom and aunt: "Have you seen these new KS earrings? Are they too outrageous?"

As you may have noticed, there is this trend towards large earrings. I have resisted for a long, long time. Probably because I used to wear large earrings with such gusto, and you know what they say about repeating a trend. But I continue to see women wearing tassels on their ears that honestly look like there should be a key dangling from said tassel that will open a magical wardrobe. It's enough to make me wonder if I should have kept my Mexican voodoo dolls and rainbow fish.

The long and short of it all is that I have utterly given in to this fashion trend; the call of BIG earrings is just the most lovely siren call to which I answer, "Yes! Mama's back, Baby! Yes!"

So, here are my Kendra Scott feather earrings! Like Elaine Turner before her, Dame Scott gives her birthday patrons 50% off one item as well. But, BUT, here's the gorgeous part: not only do you get a birthday discount, but when it's, say, your husband's birthday, he gets a 50% discount, too! I swear this is true, because Ashley the Sales Associate told me so. She also told me a funny story about a couple that came shopping during His birthday month, and the Wife was wandering around exclaiming, "Ooh, I like this, ooh, I like that." But then He bought himself a pair of cuff links. So, when I brought this up to my husband, I was very careful to curb my expectations: "You can, of course, totally buy yourself some cuff links. But if you're not in the market for cuff links, this is the necklace I would really like for Christmas." See? It's all about communication.

One more word about these earrings: I really like them. They are super light weight, as one would expect in an earring made of feathers. They come in 4 different colors; this plum color goes with more than I thought. The feathers do get twisty, tho, so expect good friends to reach out and adjust your earrings whenever it's making them crazy (thank you, Sara).

Birthday discounts are a beautiful thing. I hope they make your birthday a little sweeter this year.

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