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Bustle & Vim laugh at the idea that this was ever going to be a fashion blog, but also...Cute To


Two years ago, when we started this enterprise, Bustle and I originally thought this might be a fashion/shopping blog first and foremost. The original idea was sound. All those outfit-inspo blogs out there sporting the same looks, with 20-something, 5’9”, size 2 models left a certain void we were certain we could fill. Surely, there were women out there over the age of 35 and larger than a size 2, that might want outfit inspiration also, hmmm? B&V to the rescue! What we did not account for was the following:

  • We don’t actually spend a great deal of our time shopping or styling ourselves. We tend to dress cute, but it’s not our biggest priority.

  • We find taking photos of ourselves somewhat stressful, what with the not being professional models/photographers and all.

SNARK NOTE: A plaid button down, skinny jeans and booties is not exactly a ground-breaking new outfit, *Ashley. Anything looks good when you’re tall, 22, and can execute the perfect smoky eye. It’s fine, but you're going to have to get a little more creative if you want me to hit "follow", is what I’m saying.

I’m still convinced this is a very valid niche, it just looks like, viewing our offerings over the last 2 years, it is not our destiny to fill it. Our interests tend more toward food, books, and humor. We like to shop. We just don’t like to shop ENOUGH for an entire blog. That being said, however….Look, cute tops!

I found this great, lacy summer top at the Gap, while desperately searching for jeans that wouldn’t slide down my bum (any recommendations, dear readers, are appreciated). It’s initial price tag might just as well have said “lol, wait till this goes on sale”, so I did.

And here it is, on sale. (Note: this is not a picture of me, obviously, but I kind of wish it was.)

White crochet trim top - The Gap

Warning: it runs very large, so size down.


Vim, I love that top! I'm going to check out The Gap tonight!

Self photos are stressful! While researching on Google (and I'm sure it was something super important and loaded with gravitas), Google News flashed up an ad for these beautiful twin girls, and for reasons unknown, I clicked to Read More! So, these twins' mom has an Instagram account, and she is constantly posting photos of her daughters ("We get better reviews when they pose together instead of separately" which totally proves my theory that everyone is better looking in duplicate), which, and this is my point, are taken by a professional photographer. "Don't skimp on a good photographer" is the mom's other advice. Oh, for the day when Vim and I have professional paparazzi following and photographing us! Maybe we can add a soundtrack. And move in slow motion. With a fan.

So for now, my husband and taller child will have to do.

So, cute tops!

My friend, Anita, owns a darling boutique in California called Canopy Alley, and I purchased this top from her. I like the trim at the bottom, although I'm reminded of middle school when grosgrain ribbons were all the rage as belts, and they had to be tied just so around the hips. Probably because in middle school there wasn't much in the hip area. Still, it took some doing to get the bow just right with the shirt pulled up just so.

I think our modern day equivalent of fussing would be the French Tuck, but my struggle with that is stuff for another post.

Unfortunately, she has sold out of these cute shirts (Vim, I have to post faster!), but check out her online store for other, newer items, or make the trip to California, which is also fun.

I purchased my 2nd pretty top at Houston fashion house Shopaholic Sanctuary. Diane posts clothes and accessories on her shop's Facebook page, and when you see something you like, send her a comment. From there, you can make arrangements to try it on, or have it mailed to you.

Be warned: if your children attend the same schools as Diane's you might get talked into volunteering. But you will look super cute, so there's that.

So, this isn't a fashion blog (mostly). Although, if you are a professional photographer, and you just want to take pics of us sashaying in the backyard, by all means, call! We at Bustle and Vim are very flexible.

Otherwise, we will continue to mine our days for the humor and point out what's worthy of your time.



*Ashley is a fictitious inspo model we made up. No offense is intended to any actual Ashleys, real or imagined.

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