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August Reviews

I have exactly 48 hours till my work resumes. 48 hours of summer vacation left. And what am I going to do today? That's right. You guessed it, Gentle Readers, because you know me so well. HEB and Costco! Because, why shop at one grocery store when you can go to two?

The thing is, I can't remember all that I have to buy at the Costco. Which is a real shame because my husband even made up a little song about it because everything on the list began with a P. Like a perfect Baptist sermon, actually. And my husband can't remember either. We've been humming all morning, "Pharmacy, Pomegranate, Pimento Cheese..." and then we stop. There's a 4th unremembered P. Oh wait!!!! It's pillows!!! Yes!!! Thank you, blog writing! A fold-away guest bed is being delivered this week, and we need new pillows for our first guest who is arriving Thursday.

Ok, back to the real blog post:

Our Family Fried Chicken tour is wrapping up. We ended last Friday on a real high note with Lee's Fried Chicken and Donuts.

This, y'all, this is the ONE! Kind Rebecca told me a year ago that this was the best fried chicken in all the land. So glad I had to piss on that electric fence and find out for myself. The chicken is sublime. The french fries are perfect crispy. And the mashed potatoes and creamed corn left me speechless. And while I'm not a donut person, as such, the donuts are delish!

And, as luck would have it, we were seated next to the one of those friendly ladies who likes to talk to strangers (kindred spirits always find each other; there is no awkwardness) who asked if we had tried the hot chicken. We hadn't. Well, Talking Stranger went on and on, such that the manager brought a hot chicken tender for us to try.

So good. So, so, SO GOOD.

T.S. then went on to tell about a wonderful gelato place down the street. But my boys only made it through half their donuts, and they looked positively stricken when I suggested it. Younger moaned, "What is happening to me? I'm making reasonable food choices." So, we'll save gelato for later.

Also, both sons would like me to point out the fantastic decor at Lee's. They love the donut photos in the crazy ornate frames. They asked the manager if they were for sale. Pretty certain I'm raising my own Talking Strangers. But it does give me ideas about possible Christmas gifts...

Okay, moving on:

This summer I've been reading like a mad woman who knows that soon she will be reading picture books. *

My mom gave me a Fannie Flagg book called Welcome to the World, Baby Girl, which I had actually read years ago. But this summer I finished the rest of the Elmwood Springs, MO trilogy, reading Standing in the Rainbow and Can't Wait to Get to Heaven, one right after the other. What can I say? I laughed, I cried. Just like when I watched the movie, Fried Green Tomatoes, also by Fannie Flagg.

I think I will go so far as to say these have been my favorite books of the summer.

Ok, so to recap:

Fried Chicken

Fannie Flagg

F... (sigh, I don't have a 3rd F)

So close to a perfect Baptist sermon/blog post....

*Vim has read even more books because she is a super faster reader. Vim, write us a review! Tell us what we need to read!

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