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Fashion Friday

It has been a while since I've written about clothes. It's been a while since I've shopped, but this spring I've remedied that with a vengeance. Much thanks to Loft, and their fabulous sales!

Vim and I have talked about this a lot. We both like clothes, but we just can't shop enough to make fashion a regular post. Oh, Nordstrom, when will you send me packages with the express purpose to try clothes on and blog about them?


Anyway, I was admiring my co-worker's cute new top, when I had this brilliant idea. I don't have to blog about just my clothes; I can write about my friends' clothes! I brought up this genius plan with two friends who immediately and independently answered, "As long as my face isn't in it." So, headless fashion is about to become all the rage!

Here we go:

I love linen! I once heard a lady say, "Nothing wrinkles as beautifully as linen," and I've repeated that so many times that now I can say, "I always say, nothing wrinkles as beautifully as linen." Linen is the perfect fabric for Texas summers. Actually summers everywhere. And it's going to wrinkle, so just accept it and move on - you look fine. I found these linen denim pants at Old Navy, and Old Navy is always having some sort of sale, so they will be some variant of Under $20.

They are a little long, I know. Or perhaps, I'm a little short. I can hear my mother about to type something, so let me just quickly add that I'm getting them shortened this weekend. Older is super excited about chauffeuring me about town this weekend as I've started letting him drive around people. I like these pants so much I bought another pair in white.

Why, yes, that is a toilet in my backyard. And behind it is a bathroom vanity. "It's kind of ruckus-y still in the backyard," my husband noted. The dear man was taking my photo just after he had woken up and hadn't even had his coffee yet. "We're keeping it real for the blog," I answered. Keeping it real, or in a real hurry, so I'm standing wherever? Anyway, we are so very thankful to be back in our home. It is not quite finished, but we inch ever closer to 100% on the Punch List.

Ok, next Loft shopping;

I adore these gingham pants so much! Like, so much! Now, if you're really cool and Millennial/progressive, you can pair these pants with a cute, floral top. If you are a child of the 80's like me and positively swoon at the thought of mixing patterns, you can wear a solid top. (For the record, if this were the 80's I would have cute, matching, gingham earrings.)

I love these Vintage Soft tops from Loft. I buy one every year. This year, I purchased one in Tomato and one in White.

Loft has great sales. I got all of this 40 - 50% off. Sign up for their emails, and you'll always get notice for when these sales start. And shipping is free. Which is a must. Set a minimum, Website/Catalog, and I will spend it, but don't charge me shipping.

Check out the cardigan - it is lightweight, perfect for Spring. And it will be perfect for Summer when public places go crazy with the A/C. Currently, it comes in about 5 colors, and, I have on good authority, more colors will be added this month. Finally, my shoes. I love patent leather, and these sandals from Yosi Samra come in about a dozen different colors and finishes, so something for everyone. It usually takes my feet about a week to get used to flip flops and between-the-toes sandals; I bought these sandals in patent leather nude and navy; so cute and worth a little initial discomfort before becoming utterly comfortable! I bought mine at Zappos, and you can find them at Amazon as well. If you want to purchase any of these items, click on the Blue Italics, and you'll be directed to the website.

Patent Leather Nude Sandals / Giant Rubber Ducky - I know you're curious! My boys talked me into that one, but you already knew that.

Just checked out, and they are having a 40% sale, so chop, chop, Lollipop. My pre-K students laugh whenever I say that. One more word about the gingham pants. Loft has 2 different cuts - the Julie and the Marissa. The Julie is bigger (I think the store term is "more generous" or "curvy") in the hips and smaller in the waist, so that's me. The Marissa is if you're a little more on the proportionate side - I've heard of you people. These pants come in both fits.

Finally, I want to direct your attention to my new favorite earrings. I purchased these at Ann Taylor. When Loft has a sale, Ann Taylor does, too, so I got these earrings 50% off!

And now, What Are My Friends Wearing?

First up is my co-worker, who celebrates all special occasions in Johnny Was.

See that beaming face? Someone is about to become a grandma! Johnny Was is a little expensive, but the details are exquisite. If you are looking for something special, this is a great shop. This particular top is no longer available, but embroidered tunics are the Johnny Was hallmark, so there are many, many to choose from. Check out the website, Johnny Was, or you can shop at the Johnny Was in Highland Village.

Welcome back, DIY Maven, Ann!

Ann and I met for lunch at Adair last week, about an hour after I had my Brilliant Idea. "Is that a new top?" I had a good feeling about this.


"Great, can I take your photo?"


So, Ann has delegated much of her shopping to StitchFix, and they are hitting it out of the park for her! Every time I see her, she looks cuter than a pair of red shoes (thank you, Mom!). So, if the thought of shopping, even online, makes you feel lightheaded in a negative way, consider StitchFix. You will look at about 5 different style boards, rate what you like, what you don't, then you'll start receiving packages in the mail, which is always fun.

In return for this photo op, I will be writing a piece for Ann on the joys of dog rescue. Ann is hugely involved in a local rescue group, and she's looking for some success stories. So, I will take some cute pics of my scruffy pup, and hopefully inspire some folks to adopt a dog. Oftentimes, a little dog hair really adds that personal touch to an outfit!

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