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Ode to Bloggers

And now for something completely different.

That was for Older, who is now into Monty Python. Yes, apparently I'm raising one of those.

Ok, back to my something different. This is actually a post I was working on before Harvey hit, but it was sidetracked for obvious reasons. I'm going back to it because I just don't think anyone wants to hear more about Laundry: The Saga * (This will be the 3rd chapter in my soon-to-be-published memoir, The Hot Mess Chronicles).

So, a few months back I was asked to teach a 3 week class on cooking for the Sunday School kids at my church. I had a terrific first recipe - Chocolate Chip Cookies for Two. I got the recipe from www.Number-2-pencil. It is a perfect recipe - 2 delicious, giant chocolate chip cookies, one for me, one for you. Or, one for now, one for later. I tested it earlier in the week and was really excited to share it with the kids. Unfortunately for all of us, the church ovens were on the fritz, which we discovered after watching the cookies not-bake for 25 minutes. So, I sent the kids home with cookie dough blobs.

This problem is totally surmountable. We'll make Mug Cakes the next Sunday, because, for sure, the microwave works. You know how Garrison Keillor says that the problem with pumpkin pie is that the best pumpkin pie doesn't really taste that different from the worst pumpkin pie? Well, the best Mug Cake still tastes like rubbery cake. Because it's made in a microwave!

And then it occurred to me that I don't have to just sit and wonder what I'm going to do for a 3rd cooking project. (Wondering is what separates me from the Millennials). I put my wondering on hold and Googled "single serving desserts." BEST GOOGLE SEARCH EVER!!!!

Hello, Something Swanky! This cute North Carolina blogger, Ashton, is constantly baking; my project for this year will be to bake every single brownie/bar recipe she has posted. And she has compiled this whole list of single serving desserts from various baking bloggers. Which is how I ended up making this:

Yes, y'all, that is a Little Debbie Oatmeal Pie the size of my face. This recipe, and so many more, is from Sally's Baking Addiction. I really don't even know where to begin, so I guess I'm just going to have to make all the cookie recipes one at a time. Sure, it will be a lot of work, but one must show perseverance, and you know I'm all about that grit.

Oh, and my Sunday School kids ended up making a cobbler in a Mason jar. Much thanks to DomesticFits. I don't understand the science, but cobbler pastry out of the microwave tastes delicious.

So, I'm sharing all of this blogging goodness with my friend, Melissa. Melissa is way more blog savvy than I, so she starts asking me, "Have you read this blog? How about this one?" And then Melissa pulls up Hi Sugarplum on the computer. OH MY and MERCIFUL HEAVENS! I don't even have words to describe such bloggy delight. This blog is all kinds of shiny perfection and precious. It is authored by Cassie, and she writes about fashion and travel and decor. She's from Dallas, so you the know the tops are uber cute! I'm positively oohing and aahhing. So, this next photo is my homage to Cool Gal Cassie:

This darling top (top - that's Dallas speak for shirt) is courtesy of Canopy Alley. My friend, Anita, owns this super hip shop; it's based in California, but worry not! You can shop online. Cassie's Sugarplum blog showed a lot of ruffles this summer, so I was pretty excited to try out this one shouldered ruffle number. I'm even wearing a Pop of Pink lipstick to complete my Sugarplum tribute. Soak it up, y'all. I'm pretty sure future photos will be more along the lines of Hurricane Hot Mess. With lipstick, of course; I'm not a total barbarian.

Thank you, lovely bloggers! You make our world a little more scrumptious and shiny!

*For those of you who are interested in my ongoing Tales of Laundry Woe: this past week, my home was lifted 4-8 inches. This broke some pipes, including the ones connected to my washing machine. But the dryer is ok. Meanwhile, at the Rental, the dryer is still broken. But the washing machine works. So, I'm carting piles of clean, WET laundry to my home to dry. In addition to pipes breaking, so did the concrete surrounding my home, so it's kind of a giant lunge to enter my home. And, AND, the laundry basket apparently hails from the Decor Family, not the Functional Family - the handles are breaking, unable to handle real life. I can so relate...

This will be hilarious later. Much, much later.

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