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Magic: The Dougnuts

I just left the Magic Cafe at 5257 Beechnut. This is not to be confused with The Magic Cafe, where Magicians help Magicians - pay attention to your Google search! No, the Magic Cafe is a locally owned and operated doughnut and kolache masterpiece!

Older chose a maple frosted, bacon topped doughnut, and Younger, after much mental debate and sugar packet flipping (he didn't have a coin) selected the Oreo doughnut. I picked out the bacon, egg and cheese kolache. You know that wonderfully smug feeling you get when you've chosen the best item on the menu? We all had that!

These treats are freshly made and so delicious.

Martin Armenta is the general manager. He supports Team Valor. I don't really know what that means, or how my sons knew that, but the three of them had a lively discussion about it. Incidentally, my boys play for Team Instinct. It took me a while, but I've since figured out this is a Pokemon thing.

The upshot of this is that no blood was drawn. Instead we enjoyed these amazing doughnuts and kolache.

Mr. Armenta is very nice, and he has assured me that they are working on offering an apple fritter, the only doughnut currently not on the menu. "It has to be freshly made," is his concern. "Apple fritters are my favorite" is my concern. I suppose I'll manage with blueberry old-fashioneds and rancherita kolaches.

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