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Fashionista Friday

So, I'm sitting at the Clip Joint waiting for my son to get his hair cut when I notice the woman next to me. Rather, I notice her bracelets. Now, I could have kept my admiration to myself. But I have never, ever liked something silently in my life. So, I pipe up, "Ooh, I like your bracelets. Where did you get them?" See, if you admire stuff quietly, you remain ignorant; not everything is an obvious Google search. And then you'll wish you had just asked, "What is that? Where did it come from?" But it will be too late, and you'll be doomed to wander the earth without that specific bauble. I should rename this Fashionista Fable Friday - clothes and a moral to the posting!

Anyway, the lady smiles and asks if I remember a store called Hip Hop Lollipop? I about jump out of my seat. Of course I remember Hip Hop Lollipop!!!! It was one of my favorite shops ever! Cute clothes for kids, cute clothes for women; some of my favorite jewelry came from Hip Hop Lollipop! "So," the lady continues, "Diane, the owner, is back in business. Check out her store on Instagram."

I only got an Instagram account because Vim insisted. Vim, via this blog, is the source of all my technical prowess. If it were up to me, I would be writing my posts on parchment paper, then cranking out purple inked copies on the mimeograph and delivering them by hand from my wagon. But now, NOW, I see the reason for the Instagram! The magic was there all along!

I started off by perusing Shopaholic wares on Instagram. I really liked this shirt, so I emailed Diane and made an appointment to come by her shop and try it on. Diane runs the Sanctuary out of her home when she's not on the road setting up shop at various markets, hence the appointment. Give this this shop-by-appointment method a try. No wandering around a shopping center looking for assistance, dropping in just to browse and before you know it hours are gone, and you have a handful of odds and ends that were on sale. An appointment because you saw something you liked on-line makes it all so much more mindful, a sort of Shop With Intent, and Diane makes it a really terrific personal shopping experience.

I'm only including this 2nd photo because my son took the picture, and he was so pleased to elicit a laugh from me. Does it make the top seem more breezy and fun?

TOP - my friend, Melissa, says that Dallas women never wear shirts, only "cute tops."

Anyway, I've been wearing this top/shirt/blouse for most of the summer, and I love it.

Ok, next purchase:

Another cute, comfy top, perfect for summer, and the navy stripes lend themselves to be just right for the start of school. I would have modeled it for you, but Older has only so much patience for taking photos. So, trust me: I look lovely.

Both of these shirts were in the $40 range. They wash great, and I enjoy wearing them every time.

And now, my darling readers, a prize for you! If you mention Bustle and Vim, Diane will give you 10% off when you make your next Shopaholic Sanctuary purchase! Don't worry if you live outside Houston; Shopaholic ships! It practically sings, doesn't it?

And, yes, I'm sure it goes without saying that I bought the cute bracelets that brought me into the Shopaholic atmosphere. I'll showcase the jewelry in my next Fashionista Friday.

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