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Me and the Hipsters

Picture Day!!! I look forward to Family Photos every year. It's an Event, capital E, on my calendar. Why? I don't know. Except we have been having our pictures taken every year by the same photographer, minus the years she was on her sojourn of Europe, so it's a mini-reunion of sorts. "How are you? How are your kids?" etc. And she makes us look so darned lovely, so maybe it's just this feeling that once a year we are that family, and here's the photographic proof!

This year we are in EaDo. It's so cool I don't even know what that is, but I have a physical location, so my ignorance is manageable. EaDo, turns out, is East of Downtown. Chic, warehouse-y, lots of artistic graffiti. I am in no way edgy enough for this place, but it's early on a Saturday morning, so the hipsters should all still be asleep and dreaming of knitted hats.

We're a little early, so we just watch her photograph this uber cute family. And then our sons wander off in search of Pokemons, and because I've been reading How to Raise an Adult, I let them, like it's no big deal that my boys are walking around EaDo on their own. And then I'm noticing that for an early Saturday morning, a lot of cars are pulling into the parking lot behind this warehouse/not sure what it is building. So, my husband and I start wondering what is this place. It has windows, but they're too high. "Give me a boost" is my idea. But he's already on his phone (of course he is) and then rattles out the details: "It's an Art Collective. You can rent out the space for your artistic endeavors."

I am gobsmacked. And I am now desperate to rent out space in this cool looking brick building for some artistic endeavor. Only...I can't think of one. Because I'm not that artistic. And I don't have a lot of endeavor-y ideas. It's like how I adore coffee shops, but don't really like to drink coffee.

I'm starting to count the young women who are sauntering past me, either in yoga pants or jeans with trendy booties, all clad with scarves (because it's 79 degrees and anything below 80 is good enough for us) artistically flung 'round their necks, all holding their upcycled mugs of something. And then I can't stop myself, but approach one for conversation. Lucky for me, my husband finds this trait of bold friendliness charming.

"Hey! What's going on? Everyone has the same tote bag."

"Oh, we're having a hack-a-thon."

"A hug-a-thon?"

"A hack-a-thon."

Do I want to clarify this further or just act like I know what that is and look it up on my phone when my boys get back?

Millennial Gal saves me and explains that a bunch of women are getting together to work out tech proposals for new companies and concepts they want to start, it's very supportive (hug-a-thon after all?) and would we like to come? It's an Open House today.

Oh My Gosh - artistic endeavors and brainstorming new concepts!!!!! Yes, I want to come to your Open House and become one of you! I will bring muffins!

"Aww, we would love to, but we're having our photos made today. Thank you so much."

As though otherwise, I would love to pop in. Only, I don't have any tech proposals; is that okay? And my conceptualizing is trending rather low right now (technically true; I'm kind of in a rut as to what to make for dinner). I'm going to start saying that; it's sounds better than "I dunno." Thank you, EaDo.

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