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Summer's End

This blog post title sounds like a tragic chick-lit novel. If it inspires you to write one, you're welcome.

You know that Christmas song by John Lennon that goes "so this is Christmas, and what have you done?" I hate that song. But I find myself singing it every mid-August - "So this is summer, and what have you done?" Mid-August sets off a mild panic - have I summered enough? Will my kids fondly remember this summer, or do I need to scramble to make some memories in the next 2 weeks? Have I lost any weight? Did I organize anything? Should I start going to bed and waking up early or just really savor late nights and late mornings for as long as I can? Should I clean out my closet or read a good book?

So, let's take stock and then decide:

This has actually been a good summer for reading. My book club is reading Anne Tyler's Vinegar Girl. It's a modern retelling of Taming of the Shrew, and I really liked it. I've included an Amazon link. Oddly, Amazon also sells a Summary of said novel. Do authors now write an accompanying analysis of their own books? Like they're just positive this book will be taught in a college lit class, and you might like the extra help?

Also, check out The Extra Large Medium, a first novel by Helen Slavin. It's a bit quirky and very clever. Alas, no supplemental literature.

Finally, I will recommend another first novel - 2 a.m. at the Cat's Pajamas by Marie Helene Bertino. I didn't remember requesting this book from the library, so when I opened it, I wondered if I had gotten this book for my kids as it centers around 9-year old Madeleine Altimari. But it is definitely an adult book. My favorite passage describes Madeleine's mother, that "she walked like she was doing the sidewalk a favor." I wish I had written that, and I wish I walked that way.

Ok, summer reading - Check!

Much like Spring Break, my kids made poster sized lists of the stuff they wanted to do. I'm glancing at it now and we've done most of the list. Just one more doughnut shop to visit and Make Our Own Challah Bread to go.

Good Memories - Check!

Weight - gah! I weigh exactly the same as I did the first day of summer. So, on the plus side, I didn't gain any weight! My skinny friend suggested a week without carbs and sugar. I'm sure that's a good idea.

Weight loss - no check, but still possible-ish

My study room is a bit of a gremlin room. But I have cleared out some clutter this week. I put all the stuff that needed to find a home in a big box and sorted while watching the US Women's Gymnastics team flip and spin their way to gold.

Organizing - I'm going to award myself a Silver Check!

I was thinking that my kids and I should probably start going to bed early. Sigh. I love staying up late, and right now my kids stay up with me watching the Olympics because we have Olympic Fever, baby! Thankfully, a friend told me that my early-to-bed stance was ridiculous. The boys aren't babies who need loads of time to get used to a new schedule. The first day of school, they'll wake early, and then they'll be tired that night. Boom! Plus, the Olympics are on, and none of us to miss this, well, not once in a lifetime, but certainly not every day, hmm, this super-fun time to watch TV!

Schedule - amended, still a Check!

Should I clean out my closet or spend my last few days before in-service begins reading? Trick question!!! I cleaned out my closet in June!

Closet - Check!

More Reading - hooray!

Happy Last Week of Summer, y'all!

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