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Fruit Dressing

I normally don't put dressing or sauce or anything on fruit. Summer fruit is pretty tasty as it is. Unlike salad, which needs a lot to make me forget that I'm eating a salad. Salad is, like, the ultimate in punitive meals. And kale - I might as well start flogging myself!

But back to fruit. Last summer my mom made this yummy fruit salad for me and added this amazing, AMAZING dressing to it. It was sweet, it was tart, it was perfect. And it is super easy to make! Only 3 ingredients, and you probably already have them:


lime juice

lime zest

To be more specific:

1/4 cup honey

2 tsp lime zest

1 Tbl lime juice

Whisk it all together and pour over your fruit salad. Or your green salad. I had some left over and added it to a glass of ice water, and it turned into a superb limeade.

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