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Unknown Clothing

It's a shawl, it's a poncho, it's a droopy jacket! What is this article of clothing?

Last summer I was helping a friend shop for a Cousin of the Bride dress (yes, that's a thing - trademark imminent), and I came across this drape-y thing at Anthropologie. It was beautiful, and it was expensive, and I didn't buy it. Usually I suffer buyer's remorse pretty promptly; in fact, returning things is kind of a hobby, but this time it was the reverse. I have been thinking of the never-purchased wrappy poncho all year and wondering if this much thinking just might justify its purchase. And then, behold, there it was at Target.

Now, what to call it: I've since learned that Anthropologie calls it a kimono. So, if you go to Poshmark, an ebay of sorts for brand name clothing and accessories, you can look up Anthropologie kimono.

But Target Mossimo calls it a cocoon, and it is priced at a non-remorseful $29.99. You can find it here. I'm really enjoying wearing this over sleeveless tops and dresses - it was just enough warmth on the cool, spring mornings (goodbye, cool! See you in six months) and now it's light weight enough to wear in the sun.

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