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Perfectly Imperfect: Cheap Spring Chic

Cheap Spring Chic

This was actually my Easter outfit, but I’ve been slacking with putting it up. My Easter this year was pretty low-key and casual, although if you’d like to see Easter done right, I recommend this photo of Bustle and her adorable family, in a hat and everything!

Bustle's Easter Hat

See? Judy Garland would have no worries singing a song about that hat. But I digress… I spent my Easter Sunday at aerials class, followed by a leisurely late brunch with the hubby. That might explain my gym hair in this photo, though I swear I tried to do something cute with it. I messed around for about 45 minutes and got…. a slightly more formal version of gym hair?

formal gym hair

Oh well, this outfit post is not about being perfect. It’s about being perfectly imperfect, which is much more of an Austin style vibe. I always tell folks the one style rule in Austin is – don’t look like you’re trying too hard.

Also? Don’t look like you’re spending too much money. Spent $200 on that t-shirt? Maybe keep that to yourself. I’m happy to share this springy little ensemble with you, no item of which cost over $25.

Cheap Spring Chic Full Outfit

Blush lace dress – Forever21

Denim vest – Buffalo Exchange

Nude flats – Payless

Opalite earrings – Liquidation Channel

Yep, I’m one of those grown-ass ladies that occasionally shops at Forever21. I’d be more embarrassed but for the fact that I see a lot of other grown women there every time I go. But I do sometimes feel like this:

Sisters Quote

Happy Spring!

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