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Spring Favorites

Spring, glorious Spring, I'm so happy you are here!

Except for the pollen that dominates my car, my home and my children's noses. You I could do without.

With the weather warming up, more of me is going to show. You would think I was a vampire the way I go on about SPF. But my people hail from Eastern Europe and haven't really evolved to deal with the Texas sun naturally, so I'm going to share some of my favorite sun products.

Years ago I was walking into work wearing a super smart skirt and flats. My co-worker, Tan Karla, who was holding the door looked past all my fashion cuteness and zeroed in on my legs. "Wow, your legs are white." Perhaps the bright whiteness blinded her. I might have looked affronted because she quickly followed it up with, "But that's really great because you won't age." Whatever, T.K. I would totally tan if I could, but it's a physical impossibility. I went to a tanning salon in college and turned a very pleasant shade of oatmeal, and that was as dark as I could go. I suspect if I ever did get a tan, I would look most unnatural. So, I'm going for sun-kissed glow, and I like to use Jergens Natural Glow. The scent is pretty mild and there is no resulting orange horror; it just creates a nice, natural looking color. And it has SPF - win-win. I apply it in the mornings, wait about 5 minutes and then get dressed.

For my face, I like Neutrogena Visibly Even BB Cream. Do you know that BB stands for a couple of different names? Blemish Balm, Blemish Base, and Beauty Balm - it kind of depends on where you live in the world. Basically, it evens out, moisturizes and protects your skin. There is also the promise that BB creams can improve your complexion over time. I like this Neutrogena one because it's tinted, which gives my super white, freckled face some color and contains, say it with me now: SPF!

My final fave is a nail polish. It contains no SPF, but I've yet to read a medical case about nail-melanoma, so I'm not too concerned. It is OPI's Mod About You, and I think it's the perfect spring pink. It's not sheer, but has a lot of white mixed in so it goes on creamy and opaque. And the pink goes with any color sandal. Another bonus is that it looks great on any skin tone. My co-worker who first introduced me to this color last year has fabulous tan Miss America feet, and I do not, and Mod About You looks great on both of us.

Do you have a favorite product for Spring? Let us know. Double points if it contains SPF!

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