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Spring Break!

It's 6:13 on a Friday night, so Spring Break has begun. I actually started celebrating a few hours ago when I left work 5 minutes early to meet a friend for lunch. From there to the mall to buy a new lipstick. I don't need a new liptstick, but my purse was stolen was last week. While I was pumping gas. Despite all the signage warning me to lock my doors, I got out of my car to hang up the nozzle and did not lock my doors! It's not like I was scoffing at the security advice, I'm not a scoffer, but I just didn't think a purse could be stolen from my car in 8 seconds. But, now I know. It was like 8 seconds of rodeo glory, but much quieter. I'm sure I looked like the craziest lady wandering around her car, checking under the passenger seat, looking underneath the car, "Excuse me, but did you just see someone reach into my car?" Luckily I was holding my wallet and cell phone while I was putting up the gas nozzle, and I'll bet my thinking was, "I'm holding the valuable stuff, so nobody will want the rest." As if the thief was going to check inside the bag first, see just my makeup bag and newly purchased cube pack of gum and decide, "Meh." So, my lipsticks are gone. Is it very un-Christian of me to hope my colors look terrible on this person? Now, don't go feeling sorry for me. I'm hardly bereft of lip color, I'm an American after all, and there were still some at home. That was not the point of today's shopping, the point was that I felt owed a lipstick. And it's Spring!

Not one, but two ladies were helping me today. I told them I wanted a nude lipstick, like Jennifer Lopez wears, only I'm not Puerto Rican, more Scotch Irish, so we would need to adjust accordingly. If I could count the number of nude lip colors I have purchased from the drugstore, I would probably have enough money to buy the Chanel lipstick and gloss I accidentaly purchased. I usually look like the Corpse Bride when I try this look, very un-J.Lo, but still I soldier on, determined that that the glossy lips will be mine. And this time I had professionals to help me. And.... SUCCESS! I love the nude lips I walked out with; unfortunately, I don't think I will sleep tonight knowing how much those lips cost, but I'll worry about that later. It was kind of overshadowed (foreshadowing pun here) by what these ladies did to my eyes. While the lip stain was drying (yes, that's the correct sentence) Madame M started rubbing a pencil around my eyes. "Wha?" "This will make you look really young and will make your eyes seem more wide set." And then mascara was added - it was so heavy and lux, I could feel the weight of it on my eyelashes. And then some bronzer under my eyes. "This is how Jennifer Lopez does it." Oh my gosh, why did I ever bring up that woman's name?

When I picked up my son from school, he stared at me and said, "Uh, Mom, your eyes look kind of spooky." My husband said nothing, just tilted his head way to the side and then offered to make me a cocktail. I'm not adding a photo of me here, but know that I look like an angry, grown-up Goth girl.

Ok, so back to Spring Break. I don't travel during Spring Break. I never did as a kid, either. One Spring Break, all of my friends (all of them, really?) were at the beach, and my mom felt sorry for me, so she took me to get my ears pierced, and that is as exciting as it ever got. And now, I really don't like to travel this week because I just want to rest, maybe organize a bit before I go back to school. But it sounds really lame to my kids and even my own ears when I say, "Hey! This week we're going to take naps every day and clean our closets!"

So, the boys and I made a list of all the fun things we wanted to do this next week, and then Older wrote it all down on a poster board:

Our Spring Break will be filled with frozen yogurt, a movie, favorite dinners, donuts for breakfast, lunch with their godmother, a visit to Dad's office and a day of Netflix binge TV watching. I remember one Sunday at church a Senior was talking about his Spring Break trip to Fiji, and how he really saw the glory of God on that mountain. Perhaps by God's grace, my kids wil see His Glory when we celebrate Pi Day on Monday, March 14, 3.14.

I got this idea from my friend, Jenni. It is perfect for a list maker such as myself, who likes each day to have some shape and structure; I don't mind a day where it's 3:00 in the afternoon, and we're still in pajamas, but only if I've planned it that way. And I like how this list ensures that everyone is heard. Plus, at the end of the week, we can look back and feel like we did SO MUCH!

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