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Look of the Week: Outside the Comfort Zone's winter. Shouldn't I be wearing cozy sweaters? Cute hats? Legwarmers, even? Oh wait, I live in Texas! February days in these parts may start out in the mid-30's, but it will be 75 or 80 degrees by afternoon. As such, any good outfit must be suitable for a 40 degree temperature swing. You heard me correctly, folks. 40. degrees.

For this day, I decided to go with boots to keep me warm in the A.M. and a breezy top so I don't die of heatstroke in the afternoon. The boots are by Born (a deal at Nordstrom Rack), and this cute top is by Lela Rose (thank you, TJMaxx). This was a step outside by comfort zone because

...wait for it...


As a rule, I stick to layering solid colors. That's my comfort zone. Can we all just agree to call it color blocking? That sounds far more fashionable, no?

The jeans are by Democracy. I love this brand because they have fashionable styles and washes with more forgiving cuts. Their website says they were, "Founded in 2010, on the principle of 'Curve Equality,' which acknowledges that all shapes are not created equal". All I know is, they fit.

Now, if you'll excuse me, the temperature has risen 10 degrees while I was writing this. I'm going to go switch out my boots for flats...or maybe sandals. Good thing this top goes with all of them!

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