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Merry Christmas

First of all, hats off to all the good little bloggers who continue to faithfully post during this Christmas season. Maybe next year Vim and I will do that. Maybe Vim and I will become full time bloggers with ads. And a book deal. Or not.

And now I would like to assure our gentle readership that here at Bustle and Vim, there will be no posts about How to Lose Weight During the Holidays. There will be no helpful suggestions to imbibe a gallon of water before eating Christmas dinner, no perky tips to inspire you to walk the neighborhood to see Christmas lights, and certainly nothing inane like ingesting an ungodly amount of celery before attending a party. For crying out loud, do you think I make homemade eggnog on a monthly basis? No! Eggnog comes but once a year, and it is delicious, and I will partake, and I suggest you do the same. Unless, of course, you are lactose intollerant, and then there are these lactaid drops you can take before drinking your cup of eggnog. My cousin drove to our house, saw the nog, drove back to his home, got his magic drops and came back to drink 3 cups of eggnog, and he was totally fine. My point is enjoy this time.

I am embarrassed to admit this, but this is the age of being vulnerable on-line for all to see, and I do try to keep up trends, so here I go: last year was the first year I made Christmas cookies with my sons. All the years prior I was afraid I might gain weight if I made cookies so I just didn't do it. And then last year it occurred to me: are my boys really going to reminisce fondly about how Mom would lose those 2 lbs at Christmastime every year? What kind of memory is that? And so last year we made cookies. And this year I let them pick recipes from Through a mouthful of very gingery Hermit cookie, Older son decided that he had chosen poorly. But cookie choice is not the point. We didn't make right cookies or wrong cookies; we just made cookies together.

I'm done with trying to get through the holidays. Instead, I really want to savor this Christmas time with my family and friends, and yes, special foods. I know some people and events are more savory than others - get through those as best you can, but really, really enjoy hard the good stuff. We'll write more next year, maybe even about less sugar and more water, but definitely not before that.



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