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November 22, 2015

I love Fall; it's my favorite season.  The air turns cool and crisp, shorts and T-shirts are put away, that first glorious day  when sweaters are required.  Too bad I live in Houston, Texas where we have a couple of days in November in the low 70's.  I work with a woman who showed up in boots for work the other day - "I just can't stand it anymore," she told me, "I don't care that it will be warm this afternoon, it's November, and I'm wearing my boots."  My friend, Rebecca, has the best advice: Invest in some brown sundresses.  

So, here's my Look of the Hot Fall Week:


I purchased this fantatic brown tweedy skirt (I love brown tweed; I think I was a British librarian in a past life!) from ModCloth - it's called Intern of Fate skirt in Latte.  It's a pretty light fabric, and if it ever gets cold, I'll wear it with a pretty sweater.  But I make it work for Texas Fall, by pairing it with a sleeveless silky top I bought a long time ago at Urban Outfitters, but you can find something similar at ModCloth - Zephyr Than Ever top, and really, you might as well because then you can get free shipping.


Finally, my brown tweedy shoes (could you die?)  These are old Aerosoles, but, again, ModCloth - check out the It's a Sure Fete heels.


Just be sure to add some SPF to your arms.  It's embarrassing to get a sunburn in November.

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