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Room Renovation

Ooh, I love room renovating - moving furniture, picking out paint, visiting a fabric store till you're on a first name basis with the good folks who work there. And no one does it better than DIY Maven, Guest Blogger, and dear friend, Ann.

A couple of months ago, Ann mentioned that she was redoing her bedroom. This was on top of completely changing the colors of her house. Ann has always had this modern, dramatic vibe of red in every room, coupled with black or silver. She's like the living version of my favorite book, The Night Circus. But this year she has gone cool and tranquil - almonds and whites. So I took a before picture of her room:

"What do you call that color on the walls?" I asked, "Goldenrod?" She explained that she had just had a yellow bedroom for so long, that when she moved into her new house, she kept the same color scheme. I get that. Sometimes you buy something, and you can only see using it the way you've always used it, and when you can't use it that way any more, you get rid of it. But, see, this is where Ann is so smart. I mentioned that her living room has all these pretty white accessories now. And when I asked where she bought them, she just laughed and said it was the same accessories she'd always had, she had just painted them all white! That seems like a simple solution, and one I mean to employ next time before jogging to another store.

Ok, here's the new room:

The furniture is the same, with the additon of a chest purchased at Bed, Bath & Beyond. New art that is large, but allows for more wall space really makes the room serene. This is a hard one for me because I adore photo frames and pictures in them, but perhaps for a bedroom, less is more. The new bed covers and curtains make this space uber peaceful, which is good because the room is regularly invaded by Princess Bowling Ball, who has the sweetest heart and the hardest head.

Ann just left my house after giving me some sage advice about my own room flips.

Way to inspire, Savvy Girl!

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