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Look of the Week: Tiers for a Gray & Rainy Day

See what I did there? Tiers? Tears? Fine, you come up with a catchy title. The only other thing I could come up with was Gray Gardens, and that really just seemed to summon the wrong vibe for a cute outfit. I’m not made of magic, people. Just wit, charm, dark under-eye circles, and the occasional spark of style.

In this Look:

Topshop floral tiered mini-dress - Nordstrom Rack

Lucky Brand rose-gold tiered chandelier earrings - Nordstrom Rack

Gray cocoon cardigan - (old) Forever 21

Leather and drusy bracelet - Nordstrom Rack

Jewelry Close-up!

Some of you canny readers may have noticed that it is not, in fact, a gray day in these photos. But it is a gray day while I’m writing this, and I think that counts. Also I can’t wear this outfit today, because it’s in the laundry. Suspend your disbelief and go find yourself a cute floral mini.

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