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It's Hug a Fat Month!

I have this super fun calendar by Erin Smith that proclaims a lot of its own holidays. I didn't realize this at first, so when I saw that it was Almond Butter Crunch Day, I told everyone, and celebrated with almond butter crunch popcorn because my family leaves no food holiday neglected. There is also National Martini Day, You Go, Girl! Day and Vanilla Cupcake Day. See, best calendar ever! Ok, these holidays aren't real, but isn't life a little sweeter with All or Nothing Day?

And I'm not the only one who enjoys adding holidays to the calendar. Katie, of Chocolate Covered Katie has created Hug a Fat Month. This is another fave blog. Katie makes delicious desserts that are low/no sugar and often gluten free. The chocolate chip pie made with white beans is delightful, and my friends never even questioned it. So, Hug a Fat Month is about celebrating healthy fats. I was thinking I would go with the tried and true avocado, but today I tasted Trader Joe's Raw Almond Butter, and it, Gentle Readers, is a game changer. Not too sweet, super thick and creamy, this gave my sad, punitive, diet celery a whole new lease on snack life.

Bustle, with her favorite fat, almond butter.

First of all, I would like to complain that Bustle keeps taking better pictures than me. I mean, look at her, all cute and are you whimsically sitting on a swing??? Sigh, here's me, with dirty hair in a sweatshirt.

hug-a-fat olive oil

Vim, with her favorite fat, olive oil.

Now that that's out of the way, let's talk about my fave fat, olive oil. Actually, it's my favorite healthy fat. My favorite fat is cheese, but Bustle informed me it doesn't count as healthy. DELICIOUS, but not healthy. But you know what is healthy? Olive oil, and it's also delicious. I use olive oil all the time; to roast veggies, in homemade sauces for pasta and chicken, and more. It even shows up in our blog in this recipe for avocado toast and this other recipe for homemade balsamic vinaigrette.

So go enjoy your favorite healthy fat! Tell em' Bustle and Vim and Chocolate Covered Katie told you to. ;)

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