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Vim's Fall Faves

Well of course there were going to be PUMPKINS!

Vim's Fall Faves


Permanent ones! I love this painted ceramic jack-o-lantern that I got at H.E.B. I love it so much, I bought it a little brother. I call the big one Doreen, and the little one Pablo. I’m just kidding, I don’t call them anything, they’re jack-o-lanterns. But seriously, this pumpkin gives me sooo much joy. Let’s not dissect it, sometimes it’s the little things. Last time I gave you a very serious post, and so this time, all you get is easy-going delight! You’re welcome.

jack-o-lantern fall decor


Fall Wreaths

fall wreath

This was a birthday indulgence. Yes, I bought myself a wreath for my birthday. Because I’m weird, and also apparently a suburban elementary school teacher who enjoys scrapbooking and has an excessive Pinterest board of inspirational quotes, as that is my imagined demographic for this kind of purchase. Except that I’m not, and my biases are bunk, so let’s not listen to them. Also, this wreath is gorgeous. Everyone can love a good wreath. It really does make the approach to home that much cheerier. ( I sound like Oprah. Sigh… Well, Oprah is a boss.)

New Supplies

Behold my workstation, the envy of…I don’t know, lesser cubicles! I do enjoy an awesome desk accessory and I therefore submit, for your pleasure:

golden apple post-it dispenser

1. One post-it dispenser shaped like a golden apple – clearly given to me by Paris in my victory over lesser goddesses who had the need to pin temporary notes to things.

Cross fountain pen

2. One expensive Cross fountain pen that was worth every penny. An additional bonus to the fountain pen is a lot of people don’t know how to write with them, thereby decreasing the odds that anyone will steal your pen.

lifehack for the office

3. One awesome hack if you can’t keep a real plant alive in your windowless office of doom. There is zippo natural light in my office, and the hardy ginko ficus I got from IKEA (it survived IKEA, for chrissakes) was most definitely shuffling off this mortal leaf. So I replaced it with a collection of glass bottles in a variety of colors with contrasting sprays of silk flowers. Because I’m a creative boss. LIKE OPRAH.

shamrock paperweight

4. One shamrock paperweight. Because my loose papers need luck. Mostly they need luck to make sure I don’t lose them.


5. One plastic tyrannosaurus rex that lights up and makes crazy roaring noises. I use this for when someone makes me angry at work and I can’t really do anything about it. Actually, I rarely use it because it is really very loud, but just having it makes me feel like I COULD use it, and that does give me a sense of empowerment.

Beauty Stuff!

Age Less Every Day Moisturizer

Moisturizer – Age Less Every Day

I like this moisturizer. It keeps my pores clear and makes my skin feel stronger somehow. It’s got polyhydroxy acids in it that increase cell turnover, supposedly smoothing wrinkles and revealing healthier skin. I have super-sensitive skin and this doesn’t piss it off at all. I really do recommend it, especially if other anti-aging creams make you red or break out.

Dr. Hauschka Lip Care Stick

It’s the only lip balm I’ve ever used that didn’t make my lips feel Vaseline-y or waxy. Also, you can put lipstick on top of it and it won’t run all over your face. Probably. I don’t know your personal lip situation.


The Circle by Dave Eggers

Want to follow every good intention of the internet to it’s (possibly) unavoidable, Orwellian conclusion? Then this book is for you! Eggers is brilliant, and the path of Mae and the Circle so carefully woven, that the ending is both shocking and seemingly inevitable at the same time. A celebration and indictment of the current age of information, and a fascinating read.

I’m a big fan of The Bloggess and her first book, Let’s Pretend This Never Happened. But I have to say I’m enjoying Furiously Happy even more. In her second book, Jenny Lawson dives a little deeper into her struggles with mental illness, but, your know, in a funny way. No, really! Mental illness is no joke (except that it kind of is, it’s just a joke you play on yourself and you don’t always find it so funny). But you will laugh out loud with Lawson, and maybe learn a little about a condition that so many live with, yet feel they can’t talk about. I myself suffer from periodic depression, chronic anxiety and a fight-club level sleep disorder. It’s a relief to have someone on the inside talk about this issue with humor, optimism and zero shame. Also, this raccoon!


It’s Queen. It’s the best of Queen. Do I really have to say anything else?

(The album I'm actually listening to is Queen's Greatest Hits, but I'd written this before I realized that. Also, there is a Best Of Queen, but it's really pricey, so be sure you really, really love Queen.)

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